The Fall of Jerusalem
Published on: December 9, 2009
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  • Luke Lea

    “The fall of Jerusalem, coming just one month after the Balfour Declaration (November 2, 1917) in which the United Kingdom pledged itself to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine after the war, electrified public opinion in the United States and Britain.”

    Are you familiar with Issac Friedman’s “The Question of Palestine: 1914-1918,” in which he documents the secret diplomatic negotiations between Britain, France, and Russia (and to a lesser extent Italy and the US) preceding The Balfour Declaration?

    I was surprised to learn it was first and foremost minuted as a war measure justified on considerations of real politic (bringing the U.S. into the war; winning the allegiance of East European Jewry, who until then had favored Germany). In addition Britain wished secure the approaches to the Suez canal, Russia wanted to encourage Jewish emigration, and both Britain and France wished to deflect large-scale Jewish immigration. ( In fact France issued its own declaration a month before Balfour.) Only Wilson, who was a late-comer to the table, was activated primarily by humanitarian and religious considerations.

    I mention this because it shows that Britain and France and to a lesser extent Italy, whom we tend to think of as innocent (and who certainly think of themselves as innocent) share some of the moral responsibility for causing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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  • I feel that Balfour declaration and subsequent opening of palestine to Zionism signaled the closing chapter of the gentiles times and start of the ‘last generation’ before the Advent. Shall we not pray to escape the comming finale between the 2nd Advent and the 1000 year rule from Jerusalem?

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