World Ending, Italy Muddling Through
Published on: November 28, 2009
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  • Wayne Lusvardi

    Perhaps I should have added in my earlier comment that the Emerging Church Movement espoused by Tony Jones is also based on the sociology of French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu.

    Borrowing from Bourdieu, Jones notes that the Emerging Church Movement is comprised of mostly “white, better educated, and wealthier” churchgoers who have “the upper hand in the struggle for cultural capital” (in short: Berger’s New Knowledge Class but who comes from former Evangelical backgrounds).

    Jones’ concern is that the Emerging Church Movement members will continue to embrace a “lifestyle of consumerism.” As such, Jones doesn’t seem to recognize that affiliation with the Emerging Church is a “consumer” choice in a religious marketplace.

    As Dr. Berger has observed: take away “choice” (aka consumerism) and the pluralism of religions and world views that come with modernity would be reversed, including the “choice” of joining the Emerging Church Movement.

    Following Jurgen Moltmann, Jones believes what makes the Christian church exception is “its responsibility to the poor, not because God grants the church special sacredness.” So to Jones, the Emerging Church would end up just another institution of social work. How the Christian church could perpetuate itself as an indistinguishable agency of social work is dubious.

  • Would these communities be something like “The New Monastics”?

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