Corruption Costs $1.6 Trillion Per Year
Published on: November 10, 2009
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  • Not a Yank

    Of course you are in the wrong line of work. Ask Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Charles Wrangle, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid and the others in our own government.

  • willis

    “Official thieves don’t like a free press.”

    That’s why the White House banned Fox News from its press conferences. Also, a mention of “earmarks” would have been appropriate.

  • Constitution First

    Hence the reason the big lie known as “Cap & Trade” is so popular with the third world. Talk about One Giant Pork Barrel. This is global Income redistribution using the meme “climate debt”. Sheeple need to start bleating a lot more loudly, or you all are going to get raped, big time, by Al Gore and his merry band of thieves.

    We’ve had record cold for almost a decade now; so why are we curbing “greenhouse gases” again? To give money to the third world for climate debt? If you buy this crap, you deserve to get ripped-off.

  • juandos

    Hey Mead:

    Are you joking with this commentary?

    The BBC (a socialist therefore corrupt outfit) is quoting yet another thoroughly documented cesspool of corruption, the UN…

    Can you say IPCC?

    That’s only ONE example…

    Do some homework and then you can pretend to be a professional commentator…

  • DJ

    Good for the U.N. for moving to throw some light on this problem. However, as the under-reported scandals of Koffi Annan and his ilk have shown, the U.N., far from bucking the trend, is a prime example of graft and corruption going unpunished. Furthermore, the very existence of the U.N. enables this kind of thing to happen: that’s where the Chinas, Russias, and Irans do their fighting back against crackdowns. The first step in finding a solution would be making the U.N. part of it, instead of part of the problem. But I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

  • Cynthia Yost

    If the UN,capitol of world corruption that it is,”estimates” a TRILLION,the total is likely either TEN or ONE HUNDRED trillion, or in between someplace.
    Even if,for the first time EVER, the UN is being totally TRUTHFUL here,a trillion IS a LOT of money!

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