Turkey Does the Right Thing – Again
Published on: November 9, 2009
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  • PetraMB

    I’m amazed at the assessment you offer here. Don’t you think Erdogan made a complete joke of himself with what he said about Sudan and Darfur? And how to take it that on the occasion of an Islamic (OIC) meeting Islamic leaders apparently think it’s OK to utter such inanities?


    • Walter Russell Mead

      He said the wrong thing and did the right one. This has been his pattern; it can be disconcerting, but we should keep our eyes on what Turkey does, not what politicians say.

  • PetraMB

    Thanks for the reply, which of course reflects the “realpolitik” approach. I don’t mean to take up your time with an exchange here, but I just wanted to say that personally, I would find it very interesting if you could perhaps once write a post on the subject of this kind of very common rhetoric in the Muslim world, and how you think it should be taken. Since I live in the Middle East (Israel), I have a very obvious interest in this subject, and tend to think that this rhetoric has very real political consequences because it also matters how it plays “on the streets”; but I would also think this is a relevant topic for US readers, given the terrible tragedy with the recent shooting — and of course, given the many US entanglements in the Middle East, the US is also in general profoundly affected by the way such rhetoric reflects, and enforces, certain popular sentiments.

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