Is America Ready for a Post-American World?
Published on: July 7, 2008
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  • Bill C.

    Dr. Fukuyama has noted at least three, interrelated aspects of the present-day world: (1) The emergence of a multi-polar world, (2) certain of these “powers” now allying/mobilizing against the United States (e.g. SCO) and (3) international politics dominated by weak and sometimes failing states. All of these are the common and well-known costs/aspects of globalization — now being repeated in much the same way as was seen in the second-half of the 19th Century. Dr. Fukuyama’s “remedies,” however, (strength the public sector, better understand the outside world, resolve the political deadlock), do not address this core/causative issue, to wit: globalization jeopardizing United States security.

  • Bob Martin

    I a successful history of running companies and a Division across all continets. The success stems from developing a shared vision, mission,and core values; establishing clear strategic objectives and clearly defining roles,responsibilities and core competenties necessary to deliver against expectations. Perhaps Washington needs to return to the bassics beginning with the political parties developing candidates that are qualified to lead in the 21st century and that the media needs to become a responsible organization that cares about the success of the United States

  • causeiambetta

    As great of a speech as this was, i do not think the Social Security and Healthcare problem have real solutions. He’s much more optimistic in his evaluations. The US government is extremely incompetent at the federal level and nothing Obama or McCain with their intentionally fuzzy math will change anything

  • Fukuyama’s speech is timely. However, to expect America to make an almost 180-degree move is simply prepostuous…..America is not capable of that. A nation where only 15% of the population holds passports cannot be expected to have a nuanced world-view….the media in America will not allow America to change….America’s goose is cooked……

  • westlife

    Quite interesting as it really focusses on the actuals rather than mere statement of fictitious statistics and figures. A documentary The World Without US that I had recently watched also is quite a real life public opinion based portrayal of how important is the role of US in international affairs today. Does it make sense for US to hold on to its foreign policy or is it really time for change?

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