Keeping up with the Chavezes
Published on: February 2, 2007
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  • Minister Charles Lee, Jr

    There’s some merit to providing the least able in world, with the resources that would make them more able.

    However, giving people, around the world, what they want will remain a matter of conjecture since many poorly educated and empoverished have become maladaptive in their ability to make sound decisions, in regards to their wants and needs.

    “Survival” has been so deeply ingrained into the human psyche’ that we’ve lost our sense of social, relative, communal being.

    The necessity of money and the competition for it has stripped us of our common, communal good.

    That is what “the less fortunate” seek from others, as much as it being what we’d like to see, when we look in our personal mirrors.

    Being “good” or “a good people” is the mirror of our spiritual relationship to each other, as “humanity”.
    THAT relationships, obviously transcends all religious and political ideologies.

    A prophet once said, “Anyone who thinks they can buy their spiritual relationship with others, is already dead…anyone who gives because of their relationship knows, and will always be alive with those they share”.

  • Jordi Costa

    A sharp article. Ironically a good example is the deployment of more troops in Irak, I mean his conceptual twist: one of the most expensives projects of State-building in the modern age.

  • Fernando Dantas

    Just a correction. What was introduced by Fernando Henrique Cardoso in Brazil was a series of transfer programs that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva would unify to create Bolsa-Família

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