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A Crisis Of Frankincense

It’s a good thing Jesus was born when he was: A combination of fire, blight, and hungry cattle have decimated the frankincense crop in Ethiopia, quite possibly for years to come. Here’s the story:

The number of boswellia trees, which produce frankincense, could drop by half in the next 15 years and all but disappear in 50 years, figures suggest.

With gold at over $1,600 an ounce and drought also driving myrrh prices through the roof, the Magi might have had to set their sights a bit lower: an iTunes gift card, a scented candle and a Chia pet perhaps?

Published on December 21, 2011 1:04 pm
  • Kris

    Following up on your previous post, the Magi would obviously have offered a subscription to the New York Times. What better gift for the newborn Savior?

  • Dutch 1960

    The BBC tells me it is now gold, shampoo, and a Nintendo DS. But I am not sure I can believe everything Jeremy Clarkson tells me.