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Leftward Drift?
Clinton Tries to Surf Tide She Can’t Block
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  • wigwag

    This is why huge swaths of the American public have come to hate traditional politicians. Everyone with a brain knows that in her heart of hearts, Clinton supports the TPP and that her opposition is pure political pander. Americans are sick of this type of insincerity. They understand that it’s at the root of everything wrong with our political system.

    We see precisely the same thing amongst the establishment Republican candidates. Christie, Jindal and most of the rest were fierce advocates for the common core and high stakes testing before the Tea Party aligned with teachers unions to oppose these new nonsensical policies. Now these very same candidates claim they were against the common core all along; of course, they’re lying.

    Does Donald Trump really have less integrity than his opponents who were for the common core before they were against it?

    Does anyone doubt that if elected, Clinton would turn on a dime and pull out all the stops to get the TPP passes by Congress?

    The presidential candidates running in both political parties are hypocritical blowhards. That’s why the public hates them all.

    • Boritz

      Americans are sick of this type of insincerity.
      [emphasis added]

      I fear you are exactly right.

  • Fat_Man

    Not only is the TPP deeply Clintonian, Hillary, as SoS, participated in negotiating it. Jake Tapper has a list of 45 public comments she made in favor of TPP:

    “45 times Secretary Clinton pushed the trade bill she now opposes: By Jake Tapper, and The Lead staff on Mon June 15, 2015

    “But as members of the Obama administration can attest, Clinton was one of the leading drivers of the TPP when Secretary of State. Here are 45 instances when she approvingly invoked the trade bill about which she is now expressing concerns:”


    The problem with the 21st Century is that cynicism and satire have lost all of their power.

  • ljgude

    Given the disappointment which many of the left feel about Obama I think they want to double down on their belief system rather than admit that the eternal verities of their left/liberal belief system may be less than true or eternal. Rather like those conservatives who think that if we only could go back to 1929 we would inevitably enter a capitalist’s paradise. The left is understandably frustrated. Certainly Obama made no attempt to pass a real healthcare reform that made any attempt to lower the cost of healthcare as a percentage of GDP, and has actually raised it from16% to 17.5% of GDP. As Bernie Sanders pointed out: a good Republican healthcare package that is really corporate welfare for healthcare providers and insurance companies. And he has parlayed his Nobel Peace Prize into an deal with Iran that provides the money necessary to accelerate their development of their nuclear weapons. Now he is promoting a trade deal that contains goodness know what in terms of inappropriate opportunities to lock in corporate rent seeking. The kind of thing George III did to annoy the uppity Indians of Boston that inspired them to dump the tea in the harbor. An honest socialist like Bernie sanders is looking pretty good to the left, forcing Hillary to pretend she opposes a signature Clintonian policy. Ironically, she may be right to question certain details which may prove to be as numbly right wing as Obama’s other signature achievements. So I think Obama has left the left hungry for more and feeling justified to push the Democratic party as far left as they can. Likewise Obama has pushed the Republican party into fragmentation where the RHINOs, the Me Toos, the libertarians and conservatives, the fundamentalist and compassionate Christians, Triumphalists, (have I left anyone out?) are all at each other throats – each vowing that will not vote if the party picks a candidate they think they can’t live with. They look to me like destroying themselves and their party while the electorate, including the hungry left, settles for Hillary. Oh Joy!


  • Holding My Nose

    Re McGovern and 1972: I think the electorate as a whole has become more liberal since then. Today McGovern would carry several blue states.

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