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It’s Past Time to Make Recess More Inclusive
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  • ronetc

    In an insane world, it’s hard to tell “The Onion” from real journalism. But I am hoping, perhaps against hope, this post is satire. A modest proposal, as it were.

    • Andrew Allison

      Clearly satire.

    • Tom

      “After all, students are unlikely to be confronted with serious challenges or competition once they leave school and enter the twenty-first century workforce.”

      This line here is what pushes it over the top

      • ronetc

        I wasn’t completely sure till the penultimate line: “there is no reason why the coddling process shouldn’t start earlier.” I don’t think even educational bureaucracy morons would try to use “coddle” positively.

        • Damir Marusic

          Yes, this.

          • Fat_Man

            I was concerned.

  • Cuse

    Is TAI serious?? I hope it’s satire too.

  • Damir Marusic

    We debated at length internally whether the satire was clear enough or not. It looks like we miscalculated a little.

    • Andrew Allison

      The first sentence was a give-away, especially given TAI’s jeremiads on the appalling state of education.

    • mdmusterstone

      No, no, Damir, don’t say that, it was great fun. A burlesque of a country so off the tracks
      that you can’t be sure of up or down, real or lampoon.

      Nice bit of humor and for the first time I’ve felt you guys
      might be fun to have a beer with after work (shrugs) for whatever that’s

      I do wonder about one thing though, a small thing I suppose
      but was this article really a subconscious cry for help, a cry for greater codling
      on the part of the interns at TAI? If so
      count me in even though we Scientologists “don’t need no stinking”
      codling our selves.

      • Alice Kelly

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    • John Morris

      Your problem is that you can’t really so satire anymore. Real news is now virtually indistinguishable from The Onion. Especially if you compare current news to The Onion or Mad Magazine of a couple of years ago. The Left Singularity we are caught in has started the rapid acceleration phase and it is hard to get far enough ahead of it to do satire.

      It i already so bad that for most of the Left, 1984 and Animal Farm aren’t even instruction manuals anymore, they will need trigger warnings because their dystopian visions are ‘problematic’ for not being insane enough. I mean, seriously, where are the LGBT characters?

  • mdmusterstone

    I hired a emotions consultant to look over my shoulder and guide
    me on what to react to and how to gage acceptable levels thereof when reading
    this and all other articles. Whew, how
    did I ever get along without her… her breathy words pouring into my ear like
    warmed honey. I say bring on more consultants!!

    “Nice try” but you gave yourself away with the
    word “coddling”. Loved the
    whole thing. LOL

    Sorry to say the country has come to the point it’s
    impossible to parody anymore.

    For personal consulting on your part read WRM’s article
    below yours. It proposes something I
    really don’t want to believe but his logic and the development of his premise
    is irrefutable.

  • Dale Fayda

    The saddest part of this entire surreal article is that this milk-sop recess idiocy is actually taking place.

  • Boritz

    I’m imagining recess on a grounds that resembles Stalag 17 in The Great Escape. Don’t go past the wire in front of the fence line.

  • wigwag
  • Proud Skeptic

    Satire. Thank God!

    • Damir Marusic

      I mean… the underlying stories are real!

  • victoria wilson – mn

    I love this post! Perhaps extra playground monitoring would be helpful in a diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural school, helping kids from different background to interact. But this area of the Twin Cities is most homogeneous, particularly in its tendency to attract the highest wage earners.

  • Simpatica

    First there was “the greatest generation”
    Then there was the “me & the if it feels good then do it” generation
    Now we have the cupcake generation.

  • Corlyss

    AI setting up as competitor to The Onion?

    • f1b0nacc1

      The Onion has a lot more practice at this…
      Long time no see!….I hope you are well…

      • Corlyss

        Hey, Steve! I’ve been having fun raising hell on social media. It’s a real wasteland out there. Hope all’s well with you too!

  • ljgude

    In my freshman English class (a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away) only me and one other kid got it that Swift’s A Modest’Proposal was satire. Plus ca change……..

  • Government Drone

    “Politics of the playground” — I think this is how these days will be remembered in future times.

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