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No End in Sight for the VW Scandal
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  • Pete

    What a mess.

    Europe has been plagued with problems — the Greeks, the muslim invasion, an assertive Russia, a weak overall economy, weak exports to China — and now this.

    Could VW be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and brings down the entire worldwide house of financial cards?

    • Angel Martin

      this scandal is not confined to VW, and i don’t believe it will be confined to europe only.

      Given how GM moves its executives around the world, my strong suspicion is that if Opel is involved, then GM NA knew what was going on.

    • Matt B

      The financial system won’t be impacted by this. The financial system depends on the integrity and prudence of the world’s banks and investment companies. You never hear about those guys cutting corners.

  • Andrew Allison

    TAI is on the wrong tack here. It’s very (very!) likely that VW is not the only manufacturer which has been cheating (and not just in Europe). It’s also apparent that the German and possibly other EU governments turned a blind eye to it. Perhaps rather than falsely moralistic breast-beating we should consider the cost/benefit of imposing very costly regulations.

  • Fat_Man

    I doubt that VW did anything illegal. Most of the pollution laws require the automobile to produce certain emissions when it is tested, not at
    all times during its useful life. I think VW literally complied with requirements. The problem is in the EPAs assumption that the testing environment is a meaningful analog to the real world. They are the ones who should be embarrassed, not VW.

    Further computers have taken over car operation. Hackers can override any programing that the EPA wants. If hackers can do something. they will do it. The EPA has no chance in the modern world.

    • Matt B

      No, VW’s goose is cooked. The EPA was asking about this for over a year, and VW only complied with their demands when the EPA threatened to withhold approval to sell new cars in the U.S. If VW had even a fig leaf of legal cover they would be stonewalling this thing all the way.

      The law is clearly stronger than you believe, and I will bet that same misunderstanding is exactly how VW got into this mess. This probably started with some minor tweaking by some engineers, with the rationale that if they could pass an emissions test they would be complying with the law. The tweaking continued over time until the actual performance of the car had no relation to the test results, the government found the deception, and VW got a legal education.

      I guess I want to believe this is a case of some engineers who got too clever for their own good, and never ran their legal reasoning past an actual lawyer. I don’t want to think that a company this large has enough crooks in its ranks to attempt this as an actual conspiracy. If their legal department knew about this and did nothing, then it’s not just a problem with VW, it’s another indictment of the culture at large.

  • stan

    Instead of getting panties bunched about whether VW complied with ridiculous standards, it might be a better use of outrage to get angry about all the veterans who are dead because of deliberate malfeasance by government bureaucrats in the VA. VW execs will get crushed, VA execs won’t even lose the bonuses they earned for killing vets.

  • Government Drone

    And I bet all this brouhaha could’ve been avoided if VW had just given more money to the Clinton Foundation.
    Take that as a lesson, all you crooked CEOs: Don’t be stingy with charitable donations! (At least to the “right” charities…)

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