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Europe's Great Wave
Europe Should Look to the Ellis Island Model
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  • Fat_Man

    One of the really bad habits of Americans is trying to use the United States as template for understanding and solving the problems of foreign countries. A glittering example is the fiasco in Iraq. Iraq had no more chance of becoming a liberal democratic republic that I do of taking Tristan Thompson’s place on the roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Trying to understand Europe’s migration crisis with Ellis Island as a model is like trying to calculate the path of a Hurricane with an antique Chinese gong.

    The United States is exceptional. It is the land of people who adhere to a creed, who want to be citizens of a free republic. Immigrants came to the United States because they wanted to shed their old nation and join something new and different. Ellis Island is the place where they did it.

    Germans, by way of contrast are Germans because they are the 100th generation of people who have lived in the same place with the same language and culture (yes there has been some evolution but no revolution). The Migrants are not coming to Germany because the want to be Germans. They don’t want to assimilate, they have no interest in Goethe or Bach. They hate Germans and despise them as kufirs. They are fleeing the colapse of the political order in their native lands and want safety, and, what is more important, German dole payments. The Migrants could live in Germany for a thousand years and they would never be German.

    Another less important Ellis Island fail is that Ellis Island was in business at a time when the developing economy needed strong backs with callused hands. Modern Germany, like the modern US, has no need for brute uneducated labor. If it needs workers, they must be trained in electronics, computer systems, organic chemistry, and hundreds of other technical subjects. They migrants have no educations to speak of. Even the ones who have been to school. As labor they are worthless, and most of them are untrainable for lack of skill in languages and mathematics.

    • Harry Heller

      Why do the “elites” (not intellectual ones – I, too, attended the “Ivy League”) running the entire Western world think like this? Why do they betray their own peoples? I recognize the mental disorder of liberalism, but I cannot fathom it. How would Merkel answer you? How would other liberals, like Joe Biden and Jeb Bush? How can we account for their complete lack of ethnocultural commonsense, and their lack of tribal patriotism? I have said for decades, a substantial portion of the white race is mentally diseased. They will eventually die off (it can’t happen soon enough), but white preservationists cannot allow them to take our nations and civilization with them. This is war.

      • f1b0nacc1

        The answer to your question is a simple one…they (the ‘elites’) are not betraying their own peoples…their own peoples are other elites…NOT US…
        The sooner we recognize this, and acknowledge that their loyalties are to each other and only each other, we will put aside this childish fantasy that somehow our ‘elders and betters’ know what is good for us and are able to deliver.
        They are an enemy that must be destroyed.

  • Harry Heller

    What an arrogant and treasonous fool this unsigned writer is! As though the RACIAL INVASION, COLONIZATION, and IMPERIALISTIC CONQUEST OF WHITE, CHRISTIAN, OCCIDENTAL EUROPE is a “technical” matter! It doesn’t occur to this filthy leftist that perhaps there is no need for mass immigration; that allowing socially and culturally disruptive immigration is not a duty or requirement of nations; that these “refugees” are nothing more than 73% MALE ISLAMIC conquerors; and that the civilizationally appropriate response is to call it “invasion”, and proceed to a military response. That means blowing these migrant boats out of the water, and then strafing the survivors with machine gun fire. Do this a few times. and these savages will get the message (in the only way savages EVER get the message that their verminous, rapist presences are NOT WANTED IN OUR LANDS)!

    What Traitor Merkel has done is the most evil act in European history. Destroying the racial character of her own nation is a greater evil than the Nazi Holocaust. It is an act on par with that of Judas Iscariot. She (and all other European political traitors) should be deposed in a military coup for national salvation. She should then be tried for TREASON against the German nation. If found guilty, she should either be imprisoned for life, or hung like the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials. At least Goering et al hadn’t tried to exterminate THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

    • CapitalHawk

      Harry – I actually somewhat agree with a couple of your points. But you might consider whether the point of your posts are to persuade others to see your point of view or if they are just to make yourself feel better because you vented your spleen. What you wrote above is unlikely to persuade anyone. In fact, most people just skip over comments that have a lot of ALL CAPS and exclamation points!!!!!

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