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Limping to Paris
EU Stakes Out Climate Summit Position
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  • Fat_Man

    Obama will sign whatever they come up with. It won’t be approved by the Senate, but Obama never lets such trifles get in his way.

    • Andrew Allison

      Fortunately, they won’t come up with anything other than a date for the next boondoggle, er climate conference an a delightful location for it.

      • JR

        With King Hussein, you never know but history suggests your take on it is what will end up happening.

  • Rick Johnson

    Well done Poland. May you embolden others to call out this Green BS

  • Blackbeard

    The warmists, with the assistance of Democrats in Congress, are now using RICO to intimidate and silence all dissent. ( Remind you of how the Church treated Galileo? And if they can use RICO to silence dissenters on climate science why not silence everybody who doesn’t accept the approved progressive view on any topic?

    Truly a Dark Age approaches.

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