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Fool's Paradise
Anti-Americanism Returns to UK Mainstream
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  • Fat_Man

    Corbyn and Obama see eye to eye. They should get along famously.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      You are being unfair to Obama (as much as I dislike him). Corbyn sounds like Lyndon LaRouche.

      • Blackbeard

        I don’t think he’s being unfair to Obama, it’s just that Obama is much more careful to hide his real beliefs and roll them out gradually.

      • Fat_Man

        It is never my intention to be fair to Obama.

  • Nevis07

    It should be noted that Berie Sanders supports Corbyn.

    I honestly don’t understand how things have gone so wrong in this country that someone such as Sanders could be polling so well. Scary…

  • qet

    NATO will never relinquish Airstrip One!

  • wigwag

    This is just one more piece of evidence that Europe is melting down in calamitous fashion. The UK has gone stir crazy with the Labour Party now in the hands of the fascist left. Germany is joyfully planting the seeds of its own destruction,. France is on the way to electing the fascist right. Hungary has already elected the fascist right. And European elites have absolutely no answers for what ails the continent.

    Americans need to watch what is happening in Europe very carefully; it’s the canary in the proverbial coal mine. Europe is about a decade ahead of us in gorging on the poisonous multicultural nonsense promulgated by its elites. The United States will either learn from Europe’s mistakes or we will surely repeat them. Right now, the cultural craziness that has diminished Europe is contained mostly on America’s college campuses though it occasionally breaks out of that cocoon with the help of fellow travelers in the media. Unless Americans find a way to reject the self hatred that European elites have spoon fed to Europeans and American elites would love to shove down the throats of average Americans, it won’t be long before we face our own demise.

    There’s another reality that Americans better get right with; Europe is finito. It’s toast. It’s lights out for Europe. Since World War II, the United States has created a stable world with Europe playing the supporting role of junior partner. Those days are gone; we no longer have a junior partner. The United States will never be powerful enough to insure international stability without junior partners; as strong as our nation is, that’s simply too much to ask. The massive disaster we are witnessing in the Middle East, with all of its horrible impact on the rest of the world, is largely the result of the failure on American-European hegemony that has created unparalleled wealth and prosperity in the aftermath of the last world war.

    We need new junior partners and fast. It’s time to kiss Europe goodbye. All we can do is hope that its death is not too painful or undignified.

    We need new friends who are younger, more vital and more optimistic that a Europe that is clearly in its dotage.

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