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Who Bargains with the Bargainers?

The union which represents Vermont government employees, the Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA), is getting a little taste of its own medicine. You see, it turns out that VSEA staff have their own union, the Staff Alliance, to help 16 non-executive employees bargain with the VSEA. The two unions are entangled in a dispute that could be headed to court, according to the Vermont Press Bureau:

Adam Norton, president of Staff Alliance and a strategic analyst with VSEA dealing with bargaining and legislative strategy, said the dispute is over the process of resolving the original grievance. He also declined to provide specifics about the original grievance.

The process calls on employees to first take a grievance to a supervisor for resolution. If that does not work, the grievance is taken to Howard as the executive director. The next step involves a hearing with the VSEA president serving as a hearing officer.

Norton said Staff Alliance is disputing that the management team can appeal the ruling of VSEA President Shelley Martin — a ruling to which Staff Alliance is agreeable, he said.

“I wouldn’t say (the ruling is) totally in our favor, but certainly management’s perspective is they don’t like the ruling,” he said.

If management tries to appeal Martin’s decision, Staff Alliance may sue in Washington County Superior Court, according to Norton.

You have to give it to them. These deep blue union leaders from the Green Mountain State point out a weighty philosophical question: who collectively bargains with the collective bargainers?

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  • qet

    It’s turning out that it is not capitalism that is being undone by its own internal contradictions, but progressivism. In addition to this example, see also the recent reaction of the Left-liberal Harvard faculty to increases in their health insurance premiums brought on by the Obamacare they so superciliously supported. We should all actively help along this historical process.

  • Pete

    Thieves turning on one another.

  • FriendlyGoat

    This is GREAT NEWS for the union movements everywhere. I hope the Staff Alliance claims have merit and are upheld.

    Nearly anyone, even many union members, knows that union leaders CAN become pains in the butt, over-drugged with their own presumed power. But their power, whatever it is, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS is derived from those below them. Any union MUST work amicably with its own hired staff. That’s what the whole ballgame is about. So VSEA may get a valuable reminder of why they exist.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The solution is to use the Antitrust laws to break up the Labor Gang Monopolies. Who unjustly use their Monopoly on Labor to extort money and benefits from the Taxpayers, Stockholders, and Private Employers, and prevent Individuals from competing with threats of murder and assault.

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