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Blue For Who?
The Tony Soprano Enabling Act
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  • lhfry

    Is anyone asking Bernie or Hillary about this?

    • Pave Low John

      This is assuming, of course, that the media, and the corporations that own them, actually give a rat’s you-know-what about the low-skill workers that will be unable to find employment at the $15/hour mark. As Thomas Sowell has put it, the true minimum wage has always been–and will always be–zero dollars per hour ie. unemployed. Want to see the high-school graduates get replaced by junior college and university graduates in low-skill jobs? Just crank up that minimum wage. I’m a retired military officer currently working part-time for a security firm. My pay would go up about 4 dollars an hour and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep my job. The kids fresh out of high school? Probably going to get the boot when it comes time to pay them 15 bucks an hour. Companies aren’t charities, if they lose money hiring the wrong people, they go out of business. But the media loves trotting out the Monopoly Man/Scrooge McDuck caricature every chance they get, so the working poor aren’t going to see anything useful on that front.

      Also, don’t forget that politicians have their own history when it comes to this sort of thing. Good luck getting a Congress that exempts itself from labor laws and regulations to crack down on unions that carve out exemptions for themselves. Bernie Sanders talks a good game, but he can’t even handle a handful of mouthy, dumbass #BlackLives Matter protesters at his own rally, how the hell is he going to stand up to the unions and their shadowy mob supporters? Unions are the sacred cows of socialist politics, no way Bernie is going to interfere in union business. As for Hillary, she’s lucky she isn’t getting indicted for mishandling of classified info and lying to Congressional investigators (all regarding information that the Chinese and Russians have already cherry-picked off her server, by the way). I remember all the non-disclosure statements and warnings I got when I had a TS/SCI clearance, I’d be in Leavenworth if I had done a tenth of what she is accused of. So Hillary has bigger problems right now than whether the unions are pulling a fast one with the minimum wage laws.

      So, shorter answer: No, no one is going to ask Bernie or Hillary or even the Republican candidates about this issue. No one at the top truly cares about the bottom and that’s the God’s honest truth….

  • Episteme

    Part of the issue is union’s lesser-known “maximum wages” – particular for workers at certain levels of experience or in particular roles. The idea, on paper (so-to-speak) deals with equality, but it’s really a matter of shifting money to the bosses and not getting workers too competitive within the union. Contrary to the argument put forth so often by proponents of Big Labor, it’s the maximum wage and the inability of companies to give raises and advances for merit that’s often a sticking point and thus a move for Right to Work – because of tenure, teacher unions are the rare case where that issue is known about and discussed to some degree, although there’s a degree of pseudo-monopoly that exists there. From the union perspective, it’s understand although despicable for these cutouts so as to keep a certain range of pay options available for internal advancement before bumping against the maximum wage ceiling for non-bigwigs.

  • John Marston

    Why on earth would anyone want to belong to a union that (1) negotiates for lower wages than they might otherwise get, and then (2) charges them union dues that come out of their lower wages? On the other hand, I suspect that most people in this category voted for Obama twice, which explains a lot.

    • Pave Low John

      You’re right, a rational worker wouldn’t voluntary join a union under those circumstances….unless all of the companies in that area hastily unionize in order to take advantage of the new exemptions. This is one big power play by the unions to expand their influence. If they’re the only game in town, workers don’t have a choice. Good luck getting a non-union job in any city or county that allows these kind of shenanigans….

  • soundnfury

    You gotta hand it to these people. Their creativity in clipping people is as unbounded as the Sopranos.

  • theoko

    The bottom has dropped out on Walter Russell Mead’s career as a respectable commentator on current events.

    • Philthy

      Indeed his article makes zero sense. Why wouldn’t workers decertify unions that treated them this way? Resorting to the Mafia bogey-man is getting pretty tired, even as right-wing talking points go.

      • Tom

        Ummm, let’s see–intimidation, demagoguery, all sorts of things.
        Looks like the unions’ve decided to show up.

  • Floyd R Turbot

    Wouldn’t a city that authorizes two different minimum wage rates be vulnerable to lawsuits for violating the equal protection rights of workers?

  • Ch Hoffman

    nothing like peddling anti-union garbage to those who lap it up like a cat with warm milk

    but the stupid cat can’t really tell if the milk’s been laced with the syphilis virus and can kill it in a week.

    • Tom

      Which explains why low-income voters vote Democrat.

    • Hogarth Kramer

      Eagerly awaiting your alternative analysis of why unions are behaving this way.

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