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Middle East Mess
U.S. Warming to Russian/Iranian Proposals on Syria?
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  • georgsmith

    Not sure why you keep referencing Wilsonian or even Jeffersonian as if these are Obama’s intellectual forebears. Whereas clearly his actions and motives can be better understood by looking at Frantz Fanon, Said, or any maybe even the 1970s US underground.

    • Kevin

      They come from his work on American foreign policy traditions and hold up well here – the Wilsonians (such as Samantha Power and perhaps H Clinton) want to use American power to create a law driven international system while the Jefersonians (to whom Obama has leaned recently) want to stay out of foreign entanglements as much as possible to concentrate on domestic priorities. I think the latter enter explains Obama’s foreign policy of surrender and retreat better than a crypto-New Left agenda.

      • adk

        Then try to explain Power’s indifference to the Syrian genocide(recall that her claim to fame was R2P, responsibility to protect) and H.Clinton’s indifference to human rights in,eg, China and Iran. And, on the “Jeffersonian” side, Obama’s vehement pursuit of the Israeli-Palestinian settlement.

        No, sheer careerism and hard-left views are better explanations.

  • Anthony

    “In the rough-and-tumble world of international politics, states achieve wealth, influence, and foreign policy success by generations of hard work, careful analysis, and smart decisions, and (if they are lucky) some amount of good fortune.” Magical thinking (analysis and prescription resting on unrealistic assumptions, unspecified causal relationships, etc.) is anathema to such an outcome.

  • dawnsblood

    I think Obama is acting like a typical politician that is not up for reelection. He is kicking the can down the road and hoping the alligator doesn’t bite while he is still the President. When and if things heat up a couple years down the road, he can lament that he had it all settled down and his successor messed it all up. That is what politicians in that position do. . .

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