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The Wages of Socialism
Health Care Hell in Venezuela

Another testament to the miracles of socialism: The health care crisis in Venezuela’s hospitals is comparable to what you might see in a war zone, according to a shocking new investigative reportThe Times of London paints a horrifying picture of the country’s medical system: thousands of doctors fleeing the country; doctors pre-emptively performing mastectomies because they don’t have the chemotherapy drugs they would need to treat breast cancer; half of the country’s hospital beds being unusable; lack of spare parts for sensitive machines, leading to closed operating theaters. More:

Once a month, Veronica Rosales and her daughter Francisca, 11, make the eight-hour bus ride to Caracas from El Tigre, their home town, in the east of the country; a journey made all the more gruelling by the fact that Francisca has a brain tumour. Only here can she hope to find the treatment she needs, and only then thanks to a charity that donates medicines for children.

“Nothing is working in El Tigre,” Ms Rosales said. “There’s no medicine, no chemotherapy, nothing.” […]

“It’s very hard to explain to patients,” said José Manuel Olivares, a cancer specialist at University Hospital, one of the capital’s leading treatment centres. “I’ve seen people with stage 1 cancer of the larynx, which is highly treatable, have to go away and come back months later with stage 4 cancer, which is much less curable. I’ve seen people crying because they can’t find money for their medicine.” […]

The Times quotes Human Rights Watch: “We have rarely seen access to essential medicines deteriorate as quickly as it has in Venezuela except in war zones.” One measure of how bad things have gotten that’s not included in this report: A group of young Palestinians offered scholarships to study medicine in Venezuela recently saw its numbers drop by one-third, as some participants in the exchange preferred the strife-torn West Bank and Gaza Strip to staying on scholarship in Venezuela.

Cubans and their American apologists have often blamed the island’s problems on the U.S. embargo and the absence of domestic sources of oil. Venezuela has no embargo and has open trading relations with the U.S. The plain truth: It’s socialism that wrecks countries, and it has been wrecking them in mostly the same way for more than a hundred years.

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  • rheddles

    Some how I feel like the video clip of Debbie Wasserman Schultz explaining the difference between the Democrat party and socialism should be inserted into this post.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “The plain truth: It’s socialism that wrecks countries, and it has been wrecking them in mostly the same way for more than a hundred years.”

    That’s a fact, and all the socialist programs in the West are wrecking their economies as well. Obamacare, Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, etc… all reduce economic and technological growth.

    The Einstein Strategy: There is an urban legend that sometime in the 50’s; Albert Einstein was hanging out on campus with some of his science geek groupies, when one of the wags asked “What is the most Powerful Force in the Universe?” too which Albert Einstein, who was intimately familiar with how an atomic bomb goes super critical, instantly replied “Compounding Growth”.

    Not a single country on Earth is using the “Einstein Strategy” and thereby using “The Most Powerful Force in the Universe” to ensure that the economic, technological, and security of it’s citizens is supreme.

    Maximizing Growth means maximizing the free market in a nation’s economy, removing monopolies and limited monopolies, as well as limiting the Government Monopoly to only those authorities that only a central Government can perform. Namely, Defense, Foreign Relations, and Justice, everything else needs to be part of the free market. Only free markets have the “Feedback of Competition” which provides the information and motivation to force continuous improvements in Quality, Service, and Price.

  • Boritz

    Health Care Hell in Venezuela

    In the U.S. we have reached health care heck and accelerating.

  • Blackbeard

    The amazing thing to me, and I’m being honest when I say I just don’t understand it, is the continued popularity of socialism around the world. You would think, with the terrible examples of the old USSR, Mao’s China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. people would have learned this lesson. But look at the popularity of Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn and you can see that large numbers of apparently intelligent people still yearn for socialism. Why, against all the evidence, do they think it would work?

    • Loader2000

      The popularity of socialism is based on the fact that humans are wired to idealize close-knit tribal communitarian living. This is evolutionary biology at work. Unfortunately, the environmental circumstances in which that kind of lifestyle was compatible with earning a living for one’s family no longer exist, and, in fact, most (though not all) tribal hunter-gatherer people will trade that life style for a chance for their children to get modern education, if given the choice.

      • Blackbeard

        Good answer.

  • teapartydoc

    Coming soon to a health care network near you!

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