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Obama: Iran Deal Foes Were Iraq War Supporters

President Barack Obama is set to give a speech today in his most assertive bid yet to sell the Iran deal to the American public. Speaking at American University, the President “will point out that the same people who supported war in Iraq are opposing diplomacy with Iran, and that it would be an historic mistake to squander this opportunity—removing constraints on the Iranian program, unraveling the sanctions regime, and damaging American credibility”, according to an unnamed White House official.‎

It’s part of a broader push by the Administration to ensure that the President’s veto does not get overridden in either chamber. The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Obama met Tuesday at the White House with representatives of Jewish-American organizations to press his case for backing the deal. Mr. Netanyahu addressed the same representatives from Jewish Federations of North America on Tuesday, urging them to oppose it.

Also on Tuesday, Republican leaders in the House and Senate signaled they would move forward in September with resolutions to reject the Iran deal. At the same time, a series of new pronouncements from Democrats cut both in favor of the agreement and against it. […]

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Mr. Obama is confident enough Democrats support the deal in the House to sustain a presidential veto, and the president is expected to be able to sustain a veto in the Senate.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unsparing in his criticism during the aforementioned webcast address: “This is a very dangerous deal, and it threatens all of us”, he said. “The claim that we oppose this deal because we want war is not just false, it’s outrageous.”

In related news, our own Walter Russell Mead will be testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee today. We will be posting his testimony to our site when it is no longer embargoed, and you can watch the testimony streamed here later this morning.

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