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Would Economic Populism Turn the White Working Class Democratic?
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  • Andrew Allison

    There is precisely zero evidence at to support the assertion that white working class voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly for the GOP. I would hazard a guess that the opposite is the case. TAI referred to Varoufakis as a Maxist clown earlier today. The sobriquet is much more applicable to Sanders. Does anybody seriously think that if the man in the street were asked “Do you think that the Democratic Party is the party of the American working class?” people would look at you and say, “What are you talking about?”? The rest of his pitch is equally detached from reality.

  • Anthony

    “It has not escaped the notice of political analysts that 72% of whites without college degrees – a rough proxy for what we used to call the white working class – believe that the U.S. economic system generally favors the wealthy….There is an ongoing debate among politicians, political scientists, and partisans of both parties over the dismal support of Democratic candidates among whites. Does it result from ideological differences, racial animosity or a perception among many whites that they are excluded from a coalition of minorities, the poor, single women of all races, gays and other previously marginalized constituencies?”

    Perhaps, there exist a substantial material interest which motivates subject audience but instead of economic populism consider this: a pertinent question is what policies (public and economic) are best for Americans (all 300 million plus) given our current environment – and not old party “standbys’ nor coded appeals.

  • FriendlyGoat

    There are not two Republican parties. There is only one and its primary goals are always the same——high-end tax cuts, deregulation of business practices in any or all industries, erosion of social safety nets and destruction of collective bargaining. The fact that church people and white working-class males have been unable to discern this for three decades does not mean there is another party underneath. You vote for Republicans, you get the main agenda from them—-you don’t get “something else”.

    Donald Trump may do as much or more as anyone in the modern political era to help expose what working men have been erroneously voting for. I like Bernie Sanders and he is right about nearly everything he is saying. But “The Donald” may be the more effective messenger to the detriment of the GOP than Bernie can be.

    • Tate Metlen

      Actually, you just repeated what was said in the article, except less well.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Evidently you did not read the last paragraph and last sentence. There are not two. There is one.

    • Boritz

      We are in agreement that when the press takes great glee in reporting a “Republican civil war” they are all wet.
      You because you believe there is really only one platform regardless of appearances and me because only good will come of challenging the Karl Rove wing of the party.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I’m hoping the TEA Party will take over the Republican Party as is their stated strategic goal. Then the burden of the Federal Government Monopoly will be massively cut in order to make it conform to the enumerated authorities grant it in the Constitution, with a consequent restoration of a authority to the competing laboratories of Democracy (the States). With the continuously increasing white blue collar vote as they leave the Democrats, the Republican Establishment’s days of power are numbered. A look at the enormous number of TEA Party Republicans at the State level leaves no doubt that the future of the Republican Party is a TEA Party future, simply because they have a much larger bench.

  • Pete

    To win the working middle class over, the Dems will have to enslave the whites on the plantation of dependency as they have done to the blacks. Fact.

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