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Uniform Reform?
Are Ukraine’s Police Reform Efforts More than Just Hot Air?
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  • john doe

    great space, this is typically inaccurate of American papers – no facts nor objective journalism. Yanukovich was an elected official, not a dictator, that’s why people in the east are pissed cause you Americans have made it about “democracy” when they already had democracy, just wanted to impeach corrupt officials, but instead, there was a CIA backed coup using the privy sector and Azov fascist battalion to attack and kill the anti-corruption police(seriously, we backed cop killing fascists). And no, Poroshenko was never re-elected because he was never appropriately elected in the first place because the Eastern Ukrainian states politicians and parties were banned from taking place. And what’s worse? Most recruits are getting less than 6 months of training, while positions of authority are going to the children of the rich and oligarchs, as US paid and made uniforms are being turned around and charged double the price for the recruits to buy. I’m sure you guys have a hard on for communism and russia, but seriously, Ukraine is not our friend, and the people of Donbas deserve freedom from these war criminals

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