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The Nuclear Negotiations
Ex-Admin Officials Disown Iran Deal
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  • Anthony

    Yes it has been averred that success has a thousand fathers but similarly criticism a myriad of motivations. And “while nothing is yet written for certain”, here’s another view:

  • Ellen

    For all the warning lights being flashed, it makes no difference whatsoever to the blind, deaf and dumb Kerry and Obama. They live in their own little universe of echo chambers and sycophants. They will continue to march to the edge of the cliff until…..they fall right over. It should only come soon enough to avert a nuclear arms race in the Mideast.

  • charlesrwilliams

    What negotiation has John Kerry ever successfully conducted? He is beset by the fantasy that he is a diplomat. One could ask the same question about Obama. He seems to fluctuate from peevish intransigence in one situation to capitulation in another. Clearly, conducting a negotiation with a long-standing enemy is the acid test and these men are not up to it.

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