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Can Our Biofuel Boondoggle Be Fixed?
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  • Kevin

    At most the government should fund R&D for biofuels. If they make economic sense (for example allowing energy to be produced on non-agriculturally useful land) then they will be produced, if not they will not.

    What greens seem to fail to realize is that (after accurately pricing externalities) economic inefficiency (i.e. subsidies) is environmentally wasteful. They should focus their efforts on promoting research and making sure we are properly pricing externalities.

  • Corlyss

    As I’ve said before, as long as Iowans grow corn and Iowa goes first in the presidential sweepstakes, nothing will change about the stupid ethanol policy. If there were a more profitable crop they could be enticed into, they’d scamper over to it and we might get a sane ag policy that don’t pay them to grow corn to burn.

  • gabrielsyme

    it can be grown on marginal land, so it won’t drive up food prices

    Let’s not be too credulous – just because it can be grown on marginal land, doesn’t mean that it will all (or even mostly) be grown on such land. There can be little doubt that any such diversion of agricultural capacity into energy will increase food prices somewhat – the only question is by how much. And since the consequences of higher food prices are inevitably starvation by some, I can’t see how this can be morally justified.

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