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LNG Abounds
American Shale Prepares to Go Global
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  • Kevin

    “Energy independence is, after all, a fantasy.” Why? If we chose to have an autarkic energy economy we would have energy independence. It might not be wise, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fantasy. We would see lower natural gas prices due to the gas surplus but higher oil prices – and with it more domestic drilling for oil.

    Repeating over and over that it’s impossible or a fantasy is simply wrong. It might be unwise and cause considerable economic or diplomatic problems domestically and for other nations, but that’s not the same as a fantasy or impossible.

    • GS

      To the extent it means not allowing anyone external to get a chokehold on you [be it in oil or gas, in electronics, in rare earths, in food, or in whatever else important], it is extremely wise, and not “unwise” at all. Yes, one could play the external suppliers against each other, and it is a wise thing to play them so, if and when it is possible – but self-reliance should never be forgotten.

      • Ofer Imanuel

        But it is not necessarily economically feasible. As a theoretical exercise, a country set on being fully solar and wind, can store the energy by pumping water into a reservoir, and converting it to electricity in the off hours. No one is doing it, as it is insanely expensive at this point, and will make industry and agriculture totally incompetitive,

        • GS

          Put the economic price on the items “freedom” and “independence”, which prices are, of course, situational. For example, dealing with putinoids and their gazprom is something which one better avoid, no matter the cost.

  • CaliforniaStark

    “Domestic prices are expected to increase significantly from their almost scandalously cheap levels today.”
    Actually, it might be argued that natural gas prices were previously scandalously expensive; and it can certainly be argued that oil prices were scandalously high for over seven years because of their manipulation by a malodorous cartel of Middle East oil producers; with the tacit consent of the Obama administration which believed high oil prices were a tool to achieve its alternative energy goals. Free enterprise trumped social engineering.

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