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Spoiling for a Fight
Russia Threatens Veto of EU Anti-Trafficking Efforts
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  • Frank Natoli

    So Italy and France need Russian permission to protect their own borders? Requiring consensus is embracing impotence.

  • Greg Olsen

    I fail to see how acts of war–i.e., destroying shipping in another country’s port–are preferable to amending EU asylum laws to allow for swift deportation. Is the EU so sclerotic that it unable to address the issue through the political process?

    • MLJ

      Yes, the EU is way too sclerotic to address the issue through a political process.

    • MLJ

      The EU is basically stuck on a lot of issues. Italy and Spain are left holding the immigrant bag. None of the other countries want to deal with it, and the solutions that have a democratic mandate (ie just ship them back) violate the interests and morals of the EU bureaucracy.

  • Fat_Man

    Does this mean that the US should be able to control its borders too?

  • Janis

    Actually, it does make sense from Kremlin point of view.
    Kremlin is seeing (quite accurately) that massive illegal immigration is disruptive to EU, and to Italy & France in particular. It puts a strain on resources, increases the numbers of Islam radicals, and feeds the extreme right wing parties. Nice!

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