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Technology Triumphant
A New Kind of American Prosperity
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  • Anthony

    “Every age has its Leitmotif, a set of beliefs that explains the universe, that inspires or consoles the individual by providing an explanation for the multiplicity of events impinging on him…Science and technology are the governing concepts of our age….Yet by what purposes is technology informed?”

  • FriendlyGoat

    I wonder if anyone can measure—–against this “new kind of American prosperity”——what the lost opportunity costs are for the amount of time everyone is now spending online, especially young people. I mean, yeah, there are cool aps and uber services. And there is an entire generation completely addicted to constant communication. Is that a trade-off?

    • Anthony

      You ask trade-off. Well, a good question is what is impact of this cultural change on the synthesis of information, knowledge, and wisdom (contemporary world – not just young generation – spends more time in front of some type of screen [computer, smartphone, IPad, etc.) in a virtual network of devices which undoubtedly affects how understanding attains).

    • Josephbleau

      Get them off line! back into the sweat shop! I like many people, need to monitor my devices 18 hrs per day to satisfy my “customers”.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Technology has become a tough task-master for people reporting to customers and bosses. I was really speaking about the middle school, high school and college kids who are connected to everything under the sun for hours per day and suffer withdrawal symptoms if they are not.

  • fastrackn1

    “the industrial economy that no longer works very well.”

    “a way of life that is no longer sustainable.”

    BS…what stupid things to say….

    And anyway, where is all this technology taking us that is so wonderful?
    We are just prisoners of an ever increasing rat-race that is on a path of consuming more and more in less and less time. I don’t think that is “prosperity”, I think it is madness, and it is only taking us farther from what we really are as beings.

    Of all the 3rd world countries I have been to, I haven’t noticed that the people there (where life is often like it was here 100 years ago), are any less happy than the people are here.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    People hate change, and cultures are no different, those cultures which hate change the least gain the greatest benefits from advancements in technology. As an example compare American Culture with Islamic Culture, one is on the bleeding edge of human advancement and the other is a stagnate, and corrupt group of about 1 billion who haven’t invented or discovered anything in 1300 years.

  • Josephbleau

    Mark Twain had a story about a small town where everyone made a living by taking in other peoples laundry.

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