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Asia Leads the World’s Rising Defense Spending
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The US should be taking advantage of China’s belligerence by creating a highly favorable economic and defense treaty with all of China’s threatened neighbors, and demanding the purchase of large amounts of US military equipment for coordination and logistical purposes of course. But the Stupid Obama is the worst President in American History.

    • iconoclast

      Hard to decide if Barry is the worst in history or just the best example in memory of the foolishness of affirmative action.

      • f1b0nacc1

        What, he cannot be both?

  • rheddles

    This post interprets the facts incorrectly. If you would have peace, prepare for war; true then, still true. Asia is taking steps in that direction both diplomatically and militarily. The real threat to peace is in EUrope where defence spending and diplomatic activity have, as noted, been on a decades long decline. It is EUrope that is being invaded by Russians and North Africans. Where is the combat in Asia?

    • Dan Greene

      “If you would have peace, prepare for war; true then, still true.”

      Yes, but this is equally true: If you would have war, prepare for war.

      Everybody in Europe was prepping for war in the years leading up to 1914, and they didn’t really get peace out of all that preparation, did they?

      • rheddles

        Yes, but this is equally true: If you would have war, prepare for war.

        Not true. EUrope is being invaded. If they don’t repel the invaders, true there won’t be a war. But neither will there be an EUrope as we knew it. It will be overrun without organized combat. In 1914 France came close to being overrun, but it wasn’t. In World War II they prepared minimally for the last war to an extent and were overrun.

        • Dan Greene

          How is it not true? If you wish to use war as policy, then you should prepare for war. Seems quite logical to me. Clausewitz would certainly recognize it.

          How is Europe being invaded? (I agree that the “invaders,” if you really insist on the term, should be turned back.) Qaddafi used to to that job for Europe in Libya. And now what? And whose fault is it that he is gone?

          Your point about the outcome of WW I is hardly relevant to your initial point which was about how to prevent war (through preparation.)

          • rheddles

            You may wish to use war as a policy, I don’t. That is why one should prepare for war to discourage others who are willing to take advantage of you by pursuing war against you if they perceive you are weak. There is a difference between a defensive war and an offensive one.

            How is EUrope being invaded? By North African “refugees” and revanchist Russian green men. It’s not what you might think of as an invasion but that’s what asymmetrical warfare is all about.

            Whose fault is it that Qadaffi is gone? The EUropeans and Obama.

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