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Theft and Development
Corruption Undermining China’s Soft Power
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  • Dan Greene

    So could we see some evidence for this corruption rather than just the assertions? One wonders who is doing the fleecing here. How much of the work was done before the “corruption” was discovered? Gee, we sure have come a long way in fighting “corruption” since the days of Mobuto Sese Seko et al. Amazing how much more diligent we are now that it’s China that has all the investment capital. There is corruption here alright but I wonder how much of it actually involves the Chinese.

    • Andrew Allison

      Very good point. What the article suggests is the grossly overpriced contracts were awarded by the governments concerned — no doubt with large kickbacks to the officials concerned. Does accepting such a contract represent corruption, or is those awarding it in exchange for kickbacks?

  • Anthony

    “When the Germans, French, and Italian ministers of finance announced on March 17 that their three countries would accept a Chinese invitation to become founding members of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), they did so in clear opposition to the United States’ preferred outcome – and still trailed the United Kingdom, which for once had blazed past the Germans in its rush to Beijing. Now there is anger in Washington, and speculation in Asia that countries such as South Korea and Australia might also join, in spite of Washington’s objections. China proposed the AIIB to…set up a professional infrastructure investment and financing platform….”

    So, soft power is being undermined and corruption is corrosively egregious just where exactly?

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