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Germany Snubs Fracking
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  • Pete

    And I thought the Germans were intelligent people.

    • Frank Natoli

      They seek to perfect whatever they attempt to do. The problem is some of the things they do are not good things.

  • Andrew Allison

    Those whom the Gods wish to destroy . . . .

  • csthor

    Fracking is seen as a stupid idea given the fact that volatile chemicals are involved. Besides that fact the mining law of Germany is very different from the US. Over here nobody but the state and the coroporations would gain anything from fracking, in fact as owners of land one might be expropriated if one opposed the fracking plans with only so-so compensation or – if there are ecological problems (i.e. after a spill of chemicals) – one might be held partially liable for cleaning up the mess. And all of that without seeing a sincle cent from the profits made by the corporations. I don’t see why people should be enthusiastic about such practices.

    People over here have learned to distrust the energy industry which promised much over the years but essentially has proved to be masters at privatizing gains (theirs to be precise) while socializing costs (i.e. for nuclear waste disposals). They look back at a history of nuclear power that is riddled with state “despotism”, questionable involvement of buisiness leaders in political decisions and a load of shady deals made by politicians who ended up in lucrative jobs in the industry after their political career.

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