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Misreading the Middle East
A Comprehensive Failure in Yemen
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  • rheddles

    What makes you think Baraq Hussein Obama’s policy has not achieved what he intended, to fundamentally transform the United States?

  • S.C. Schwarz

    I was watching a panel of “experts” on CNN discuss this latest fiasco. The consensus was that Obama was misled by bad intelligence. Recall that when the intelligence on Iraq’s WMDs proved wrong the meme was “Bush lied, people died.”

    The core problem, I believe, is our horribly biased news media. The Democrats go from one outrageous failure to the next, and the average low information voter doesn’t even know about it.

    • nervous122

      The president will be protected by the media at all costs. He threw the intelligence community under the bus for his underestimation of ISIS “the jayvee team”.

      • ThomasD

        Obama traded five jihadi all-stars for one loser deserter.

        Someone on the world stage is most certainly jayvee quality, but it isn’t the death to America crowd.

    • adk

      …but on Iran that intelligence will be perfect.

      “Mister President, when did you learn that Iran just tested a nuclear bomb?”
      “Just like all of you folks, from my morning news.”

  • wigwag

    This article by Bret Stephens from today’s Wall Street Journal pretty much says it all,

  • FriendlyGoat

    We could have large garrisons in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Nigeria. Maybe we could have them too in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia. We could be fighting active hot wars in Syria and Iran and maybe Ukraine too. Are we wishing that was the policy and results from the Clinton, Bush and Obama presidencies? Are we believing we would be happy absorbing those costs? Are we believing that our perpetual occupation and/or engagement in several places would have been feasible AND would have scared the jihadis out of being jihadis?

    What, other than bash Obama, are we believing?

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