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Liberte Fraternite—Capitalisme
Hollande’s Capitalist Conversion
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  • Frank Natoli

    This MUST BE WRONG because it flies totally in the face of human existence. People DO NOT CHANGE. Hollande comes from the European Welfare State family that all results must be equal, and the biggest possible government is the best agent to force those results. If he seems to be doing something slightly different, it’s still in the interest of mandating equality of results.

    • Tom

      Persons change. People don’t.

  • Pete

    This just goes to show the old truism. Socialists can never create wealth. At best they can only redistribute it. But in the redistribution process, wealth is destroyed.

    The old socialist Hollande had the mis-fortune of coming to power when wealth and jobs needed to be created and he was clueless as how to do it.

  • Anthony

    From an observer standpoint (as well as an interest in capitalism per se), understanding the complex French (general) attitude towards private capitalism (and by extension Hollande”s) requires a consideration of France post World War II and “Trente Glorieuses”. In the same way, “Hollande is not the first socialist President of France to grow in office” may miss the mark. That is, “following a period of state capitalism after 1950 France became the promised land of the new private-ownership capitalism of the twenty-first century.” Accordingly, Macron continues (trend) the privatization of the economy – liberalization of the market for goods and services and deregulation of financial markets and capital flows – rather than presents new face.

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