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Solar Stumbles in Land of the Rising Sun
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  • Andrew Allison

    Anybody here know just what is involved in adapting grids to account for a host of small new producers? Are the so-called “solar entrepreneurs” building farms, or selling roof-top panels to people already connected to the grid? The latter presumably need meters that can run both ways, but I’m curious about the infrastructure implications.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      I just got solar panels installed in my house, and other than a net meter, nothing is needed, as I will mostly use less the existing feed to my house. The utility company is losing money, though, as they have to keep the connection, while selling me very little electricity.
      For big farms, it is a different story. You may need power lines (and possibly transformers) added to route the farm output to where the electricity is consumed. Moreover, solar (and wind) output is variable, and the utility company will have to have marginal sources (mostly gas turbines) on standby, to compensate.

  • Rick Johnson

    The costs are higher and the benefits virtually non-existent. Is it any wonder solar is loved by the Left. Anything to undo the industrial revolution.

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