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U.S. Policy in the Middle East
The Other Side of Iran’s “Strategic Genius”
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  • Anthony
  • Curious Mayhem

    Of course. It’s completely insane It started in 2011 with the withdrawal from Iraq and the installation of Miliki as leader there, under Obama’s insistence. The failure to do anything about the civil war in Syria was the next step, and it’s been all downhill since. The rest is bullshit rationalizing from Obama’s dwindling cult followers.

  • Dan Greene

    Interesting to see the faux-admiration of Khamenei’s “strategic genius.” The same sort of hate-praise that our media apply to Putin. The real issue is the strategic incompetence of successive US administrations under the baleful influence of neoconservatism and the overlapping Israel Lobby. Bush II welcomed the destructive role of the neocons in his ill-omened national security decisions. Obama is much more resistant to their insane demands, but even he is forced–or even semi-willing–to kowtow to many of their desiderata and operate in a media environment that they have come to dominate (with the exception of the internet where competing voices cannot be shut out as in the MSM.) His willingness to launch an attack on Syria in 2013 is testament to his fecklessness under neocon and pro-Israel/Saudi pressure.

    Ultimately,Khamenei and Putin may or may not be seen by history as geniuses. More likely, the main historical judgement will be a condemnation of the utter self-destrtuctive stupidity of the US over many years and many presidential administrations. But the common denominator will be this: the gradual infiltration and subversion of our policy process by cadres of wealth-backed intellectuals who are best described by Tommy Franks’ memorable description of Pentagon #3 official, Doug Feith, a neocon and pro-Israel operative, as the “dumbest f***** guy on the planet.” “Dumb” isn’t quite the right word, but Franks’ uncomprehending wrath at the deformation of our policy process somehow sets a seal on this era of insanity.

  • rheddles

    U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has generally been a boon to
    Tehran’s strategic interests, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

    The current administration has been working with the mullahs since at least 2009 when it showed absolutely no support for the Persian Spring. That support has been a ValJar/Sock Puppet policy through out. It has been an intentional boon to Tehran except when they have made a miscalculation. The American people will pay for electing her.

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