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A New Order
Saudis Ask Egypt to Look East
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  • rheddles

    Heck of a way to unite the Arabs. Make an alliance with the Persians. Unintended consequences are a witch as ValJar and her sock puppet are about to learn.

    • Ellen

      Exactly right. Caroline Glick has written that the creation of all sorts of new and surprising alliances will result from Obama’s idiotic quest to create a Shiite empire and bomb. By the time a new, and more capable, president comes to power, they won’t even recognize the Middle East. Moreover, she predicts that the lost stature in the region that the US will suffer as the result of the foolish pursuit of the deal with Iran (which won’t work anyway) will be permanent. The actors in the region will learn how to fend for themselves with various combinations of alliances, none of which depend mainly on the US. That will be a first in this region. But, it won’t be a legacy that will make Obama look good, quite the contrary. That is why the rats are already deserting the sinking ship. Read the article in today’s WAPO about Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Bibi Netanyahu. If that isn’t a sign of her putting big distance between herself and Obama, while he starts to take on water, I don’t know what is.

      • rheddles

        they won’t even recognize the Middle East

        They’d probably be calling it Alamagedden if the Persians were better at nuclear physics than they are at Photoshop. They’ve been trying to make a bomb for at least 20 years with no results to date. That’s the only fact which gives me hope that we will escape permanent consequences of the collaborator in chief’s perfidy.

        • f1b0nacc1

          The problem isn’t one of physics, it is engineering. If the Iranians wished to build only ONE bomb, they would have easily done so by now. Unfortunately one bomb merely makes one a target, one needs many (at least a dozen) to be taken seriously, and that is not so easy to do. Building a bomb FACTORY requires engineering, and making those bombs useful for something other than smuggling them to the target then detonating is more difficult still.

  • Arkeygeezer

    I’m glad to see the Middle Eastern nations uniting to take responsibility for their own neighborhood. Let them go and keep the U.S. out of it.

    • FedUpWithWelfareStates

      Agree…since it is THEIR war, however, w/o U.S. leadership these Arab nations will never get off the ground due to their tribal mentality. Besides U.S. leadership, we should unleash all SOF forces, utilize the USMC MAGTF as the QRF for SOF & utilize, if any, our conventional ground forces for defensive operations only. Once we have established the template for eradicating these Islamic Terrorist forces, then we need to vacate the Mideast, except for Israel, Jordan, & the Kurds.

  • pnkearns

    Ah… a glimmer of truth:
    “The Saudis appear to be summoning Sunni states across the Middle East to take a stand against both Iran and its proxies, and ISIS.”

    The Saudis tried to suck the U.S. military into this religious / sectarian quagmire to be their mercenary army while the Saudi despots sit on the sidelines and play political games in the background. Now the Saudi despots are trying to get Egypt to play the “soldier for hire” game.

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