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The Oldest Hatred
Europe’s Anti-Semitism at the Top and Bottom

Anti-Semitism reached a seven-year high worldwide in 2013, the most recent year for which data is available, according to a new Pew report. The study also found that hostility toward Jews is widespread in Europe, where governments aren’t the source of persecution, but where “Jews were harassed by individuals or social groups in 34 of the region’s 45 countries (76%).” That was 2013; since then, with the openly anti-Semitic protests of the last Gaza war and the massacre at Hyper Cacher supermarket being only the most prominent examples, the situation has gotten worse.

Persecution doesn’t have to be official to be effective. The hostility of ordinary people and the continuous threat of the violent few is enough to drive thousands of European Jews to seek a better life, despite government protections and reassurances. How many Jews will remain in Europe ten years from now?

Some European politicians have spoken out against the continent’s anti-Semitism, none more prominent than French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who is interviewed in this weekend’s WSJ. But that interview illustrates just how unlikely Europe is to eradicate its prejudices. Jew hatred is not confined to the usual suspects, the Islamist sympathizers and now-ascendent fascists. On the contrary: beginning in the 1970s, French elites adopted and spread anti-Semitism under cover of anti-Zionism:

This new bigotry, the prime minister says, has “all the components of anti-Semitism, the old ones,” including a “plot”-based view of imagined Jewish conspiracies. “Step by step,” the elites’ anti-Semitism “followed a migration and impacted young people in the poor neighborhoods,” Mr. Valls says.

It goes all the way to the very top, as Valls’ chilling personal experience shows:

Former Socialist Foreign Minister Roland Dumas speculated in a television interview that Mr. Valls “has personal alliances that mean he has prejudices. Everyone knows he is married to someone really good but who has an influence on him.” That would be the renowned violinist Anne Gravoin, who is a French Jew.

[…] The day Mr. Dumas made his remarks, an Islamic State publication put out an image of the prime minister wearing a yarmulke. The caption, he recalls, read “Prime Minister Valls, Judaized by his wife.”

If you want to know why Jews are fleeing Europe again, and why they are unlikely to stop anytime soon, look no further than the accord between Mr. Dumas, a secular French minister, and the propagandists of the Islamic State.

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  • wigwag

    Does a zebra change its stripes? Was it logical to believe that a fifteen hundred year period of European Jew hatred could really be extinguished by a sixty year interval where Europeans tempered their anti Semitism in response to their embarrassment for perpetrating the Holocaust? Ironically, the Arab world learned its anti Semitism from the Europeans; now it seems the Arabs are returning the favor by reminding European elites about all of the nuances of Jew hatred that they had in the back of their minds but remembered only fuzzily.

    Just as European anti Semitism is baked into the genes of Europeans, the conflict between Europe and the Muslim world is also an historical phenomenon of ancient provenance. It’s laughable to listen to the European and American press plead that the conflict between Islam and the West is not a battle of civilizations. In fact, it’s a centuries old battle that may have subsided from time to time but has been playing out since almost the dawn of Islam. From the time of the Crusades to the the Ottoman siege of the Gates of Vienna, the War between the West and Islam has been almost continuous. Those who look at Islamic terrorism in Europe and find it to be little more than a bizarre aberration are deluded idiots who know nothing about history.

    Europe is dying and watching it as it readies its death mask is a pathetic experience b

    • Dan Greene

      “As for the Jews, they will be prospering long after Europeans are huddled around a metaphorical campfire desperate to keep warm and wondering how it all went so wrong.”

      So saith the goy-hater. But then, goy-hatred is “baked into the genes” of Jews and imparted to their groveling shabbosgoyim. All one has to do is read the Jewish bible to see that. Any ideology that has at its core the genocide of people (Canaanites) who posses land that the Israelites/proto-Jews lust after is an affront to the human race.

      If the Jews want to leave Europe, by all means let them do it and sooner rather than later.

      • AaronL

        Dan Greene,
        Your missive reminds me of the joke the Jews used to tell in the old Soviet Union.
        As I’m sure you know everyone had to wait in long lines to get anything. So here’s the joke:

        A vegetable store announces that they have just got in shipments of fresh vegetables.
        A big line immediately forms.

        One hour passes and the doors aren’t opened. Two hours pass and the doors don’t open. Three hours pass and the doors don’t open , the crowd starts to get unruly so a militia man steps out and says “Comrades it’ll just be a little more time, but there isn’t enough vegetables for everyone so the religious Jews don’t get anything and have to leave the line immediately”

        Another three hours pass, the militia man goes out and says , “Just a little more time , but there isn’t enough for everyone so all the non-Communist Jews have to leave the line”

        Another 3 hours pass, the militia man goes out and says” Just a little more time, but there’s not enough for everyone so all the Jews have to leave the line.”

        Three more hours pass, the militia man goes out and says “Sorry no vegetables. everyone has to leave”

        The line starts to break up, but one man goes up to the militia man and says “Comrade, I understand that there is always shortages in the Motherland , and corruption and lying and I accept it , but what I want to know is, why do the Jews always get the preferential treatment”.

        So what I have to say to you, you repulsive anti-Semite, is , that the Jews will indeed leave Europe. But Europe , according to Professor Bernard Lewis , will be majority Muslim by the end of the century , and France , with the largest Muslim population in Europe ( one-third of the under 25 year olds are Muslim) will be first.

        So you’ll finally get the Semites you deserve. See how you like it when pork is forbidden, non-Muslims become second class citizens if not beheaded or made slaves, no alcohol, women covered up, gays murdered,no sex without marriage, churches turned into mosques and the magnificent stained glass windows in Sainte-Chapelle smashed to smithereens.

        If you’re lucky the Russians will then conquer Europe and take it from the Muslims and you’ll have Russian overlords instead of Muslims.

        Thank you for chasing us out while the going is good. We have where to go. Where will you go?

        Oh by the way, I never cease to be amazed by how anti-Semites like you keep talking about how ancient Israelites committed genocide against the Canaanites and how that is an “affront” to the human race. In case you don’t know , if that indeed happened, it was over 3,000 years ago. At that time your ancestors were probably painting themselves blue, making human sacrifices and were eating other human beings.

        Times were different 3,000 years ago and tribes fighting and killing each other were the norm. Meanwhile modern day Europeans are still at it and Americans had slavery and wiped out the Indians until well into the 19th century. But somehow what Israelites may have done more than 3,000 years ago is for you ,uniquely evil.

        So enjoy your new overlords and I bid you adieu ( Have I spelled that right, you moron)

        • Andrew Allison

          Just in case anybody missed the point of the joke, early release from a line which has no purpose is, indeed, albeit accidentally, preferential.

        • Dan Greene

          Thanks for the ponderous and unfunny story.

          With regard to the ensuing whine, sorry, it’s not coherent enough to generate offense. Your ludicrous geopolitical notions are at least more comical than your “humorous” story.

          It’s funny that you say all Jews will “indeed leave Europe” even as Israeli Jews are flooding Berlin. It seems that many appear to enjoy a “diaspora lifestyle.” Given Germany’s gradual rise as the powerhouse of Europe and Israel’s desire to maintain influence on the continent on the one hand; and the high cost of living and organized crime, corruption, and general rudeness in Israel, I doubt we’ll see an end to the Jewish presence in Europe any time soon.

          You are just expressing the customary Jewish rage that you are not being sufficiently appreciated and praised for the blessing unto the nations that you conceive yourself to be.

          The basic substratum of Jewish psychology that is showcased in the Tanakh is alive and well today, so references to it are fully apposite. Your “unique evil” complaint is merely a straw man. The Jewish demand that the rest of the world not only ignore the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, but actively pretend that it is not happening, in utter disregard for the strategic interests of the US and other countries is repugnant and is generating the anti-Jewish sentiment that you complain about. Until Jews can bring themselves to face this reality (which is likely to be never given the psychology) this sentiment will only multiply. So you better get used to it.

          You are a typical pro-Israel whiner. Why, you sob, won’t the “anti-semites” sacrifice their own interests for Israel? Where does the hatred come from?? Etc, etc. Sorry, no free passes from me. I know what’s in my interest–and you ain’t it.

          • adk

            A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
            Winston Churchill

            That’s you, “Dan Greene”.

          • Dan Greene

            First, there has to be a good reason for someone to change his mind. You certainly aren’t providing it. There may be fanatics here but they are pro-Israel rather than anything else.

          • AaronL

            Lordy. What all you anti-Semites have in common is that you are all losers.
            Sorry about your inferiority complex.
            I suggest psychotherapy and prozac.
            Unlikely to help but at least it will both amuse and help support the psychiatrist.
            By the way you’re perfectly right to believe that psychiatry is another way we Jews enslave you gentiles . It’s all laid out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which I’m sure you keep on your bedside table to scare away the big bad Jews who come in the night to steal your precious bodily fluids.

          • Dan Greene

            Your response is completely non-substantive. You don’t like to hear the very simple point made that Israel, it’s goals and its zealots are harmful to the interests of others. And so you refuse to deal with that reality. Well, that’s fine by me.

          • AaronL

            1.My response to you is the only worthy one to the gobbledygook, smokescreen and mirrors you try to pass of as reasoned argumentation.

            2.”You can’t reason someone out a position who wasn’t reasoned into in the first place”.

            3. You have more than proved by your various statements that you are a rabid anti-Semite and arguing logically with you is not only impossible but a total waste of time. Nevertheless for the sake of the other posters , and as a one of I will demolish your arguments one by one.

            4. You stated that the Israelites “committing genocide” against Canaanites more than 3,000 years ago was an affront to mankind. When I pointed out that was in fact the norm of behavior for that part of the world at that time and that good Westerners were doing things as bad 2,800 years later , you ignored the argument and stated- “The basic substratum of Jewish psychology that is showcased in the Tanakh is alive and well today, so references to it are fully apposite.” How is that a direct answer to my statement, it’s just smoke and mirrors.

            5. Your last statement was followed by the explanation that the practices of 3,000 years ago find it’s expression today in the ethnic cleaning of the Palestinians. Really? Has Israel set up death camps to exterminate the Palestinians the way your Nazi pals did with the Jews?

            6. At the end of World War II at the Potsdam Conference the allied powers made the Potsdam Agreement on August 1,1945 .The Allied Powers agreed in Chapter XII that: “XII.ORDERLY TRANSFER OF GERMAN POPULATIONS.
            The Three Governments, having considered the question in all its aspects, recognize that
            the transfer to Germany of German populations, or elements thereof, remaining in Poland,
            Czechoslovakia and Hungary, will have to be undertaken. They agree that any transfers that
            take place should be effected in an orderly and humane manner” See -

            The Three Governments mentioned in Chapter XII above were, (as can be seen in the first paragraph of the agreement) were the U.S. , U.K. and U.S.S.R.

            7. In accordance with Chapter XII between 12-14 million ethnic Germans were expelled from Poland , Czechoslovakia and Hungary and approximately 500,000 of them died during the course of that expulsion.


            8. And yet you don’t accuse the U.S. , U.K. or U.S.S.R. of ethnic cleansing. Nor do any Europeans or Americans. I wonder why that is.

            9. What do you mean exactly by ethnic cleansing. During the 1948 War of Independance, the Palestinian Arabs initiated the hostilities and lost and then several Arab countries attacked Israel and lost. The Arabs bet they could destroy Israel and kill all the Jews, they initiated the war , lost and as a result many Palestinian Arabs fled or were kicked out. That’s what happens in wars you initiate and lose.

            10. Are you referring to what happens in the Palestinian territories today. If the Israelis are ethnically cleansing the Palestinians than why are there several millions living in the territories. Not very efficient ethnic cleansing.

            11. Why can Palestinians come into Israel and get medical care, why do they get water and electricity from Israel. Why do goods come in to the Palestinians territories from Israel and from abroad by way of Israeli ports.

            12. As for your argument about Israelis in Germany the estimates of Israelis in Berlin where most live place them at 15,000 ( in Hebrew use- google) . Of course that doesn’t take into account the change in atmosphere since the summer when demonstrators burned synagogues , attacked Jews and yelled over the loudspeakers “Jews to the gas” . Of course the demonstrators claim that wasn’t anti-Semitism , that was anti-Zionism. Funny that the demonstrators didn’t choose to demonstrate before or attack the Israeli embassy, only the “random Jew” and the “random synagogue”.

            13. Things have changed in Germany, Hungary, France, Britain and other European countries. Immigration from there to Israel has gone up. Israeli’s are returning from Germany and other European countries to Israel. As the anti-Semitism grows so will the immigration to Israel or America or Canada.

            14. As for your argument about what your “strategic interests” are – oh I don’t know – when Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in June 1981 the result was , according to Bill Clinton, that the Iraqis didn’t have nuclear weapons when the Americans reconquered Kuwait from Saddam Hussein in 1991. I’m inclined to think that the fact that American war planners didn’t have to take into account Iraqi nuclear weapons during that invasion , was a significant strategic contribution to the U.S.

            15. You might also take into account the fact that the Syrian nuclear reactor being built by the North Koreans and paid for by the Iranians that was destroyed in the Israeli bombing raid in 2007 was in the Deir Ez Zour governate.

            That area is now controlled by Islamic State. Some people might consider preventing Islamic State getting an operational nuclear reactor producing plutonium , a significant strategic interest of the U.S. and indeed the rest of the world.

            16. The Muslim Middle East is an inherently unstable place , every one of those countries is a dictatorship. Any one of them could have a revolution next week. Israel is the only country in the Middle East in which the U.S. knows for sure that a year from now they can safely disembark soldiers , Marines, or Air Force or Navy personel without having to fight their way in.

            17. During WW II the Brits described the U.K. as any unsinkable aircraft carrier for use in the invasion of Europe.

            18. The same can be send for Israel in an inherently unstable part of the world. If the shit really hits the fan, i.e. in the worst case scenario , Israel is the only safe base in the Middle East.

            19. All that coupled with the fact that the IDF land forces have 15 divisions, as opposed to Germany’s 3. That Israel has more front line fighter aircraft than France and Britain together, that Israel’s expenditure for defense (without including the U.S. aid) is close to 5% of GDP and with U.S. aid 5.6% , while American expenditure is 3.8% and various European countries spend less than 2% proves that in the worse case scenario the IDF is a more significant force multiplier for US armed forces than any other allied country.

            20. As for your statements about “typical whining” “substratum of Jewish psychology” and “insidious” lobby and the other typically anti-Semitic phrases in your other posts- what can I tell you- life is to short to spend it on you as another Jew, Woody Allen put it , there really is only one way to deal with a Nazi.

            21. Feel free to answer – because I don’t intend to waste any more time on you. In a couple of days it’s Purim and when we read Megillat Esther and Haman’s name is mentioned I’ll think fondly of you

          • Dan Greene

            1. Blah, blah, blah

            2. Window dressing.

            3. Repetitious “you are an anti-semite” boilerplate.

            4. No, I stated that an ideology that places genocide (real or mythic) at its core is an affront to mankind. Tribal mass killing has been a recurrent feature of tribally organized humanity. But the transformation of tribal violence into a proto-fascist ideology—the ideology of Jewish chosenism–is virtually unique and has stayed with us to this day. And my point should have been quite clear to you. Since Zionism is built on this Tanakhic sense of entitlement, it is quite obviously still a clear and present danger. The psychological continuity is plain as day.

            5. This is typical pro-Israel disingenuousness. Ethnic cleansing can take place in many ways, not just extermination. Since the state of Israel depends heavily on its victim status (from which it wrings every bit of strategic value it can get), a far more nuanced mode of ethnic cleansing must be used to create “Eretz
            Israel” and complete the destruction of the Palestinian people. Israel, beyond its wars of conquest, has used and continues to use embargoes, coerced emigration, withholding of EU and other monies, building of apartheid settlements and other infrastructure, periodic military strikes, and the diversion of world attention via constant whining about Iran in order to gradually change the demographics of the remaining
            Palestinian enclaves. The goal is to place more Jews in the West Bank (and eventually Gaza), increase Jewish birth rates and reduce Palestinian birth rates so that over the next several decades, “new demographic realities on the ground” can be devised, creating the pretext for eventual annexation. Killing is certainly part of Israeli ethnic cleansing but only one part. By using these methods, Israel can have its cake and eat it too. This is how
            Palestine—92% Arab in 1918—became a Jewish state and how that state will expand to include the remainder of the Palestinian enclaves.

            6-8. And this justifies US support to the Zionist dispossession of the Palestinians how? The Arabs were the overwhelming majority of Israel-Palestine—92% before the imperially protected Zionist immigration got
            underway. You can point out that we (Americans) ethnically cleansed the native population, but how does that
            provide any rationale for the US to support the destruction of the Palestinian people, which alienates a critical region of the world and thereby subverts our long-term position in the region? There is absolutely no reason—either moral or strategic—to support the establishment and enlargement of chosenist Israel, but we do so anyway because of the insidious power of the utterly disloyal Israel lobby.

            9. No, Eastern European Jews initiated the hostilities as soon as they began the program of armed immigration
            into Arab Palestine after WW I (actually before WW I but on a much larger scale immediately after. Only a pro-Israel zealot could convince himself that going from the demographic and geo-political situation in 1918 with Arabs constituting 92% of the population to the “new realities on the ground” of today represents anything other than ethnic cleansing. It was armed robbery, plain and simple. And we should subsidize this process why?

            10. Same answer as 5 on ethnic cleansing.

            11. Israel robs the Palestinians of their land and identity and then throws them purely symbolic crumbs only in
            order to showcase itself as “the most moral country in the world.” The most morally hypocritical country in the world is more like it. Only you could congratulate Israel for such hyporcrisy.

            12-13. The bottom line is this: If the Jews want to leave Europe, that’s just fine. But I don’t think it’s going to happen, and the appeal of Germany—Berlin in particular—shows that. For all the complaining, Israel
            and organized Jewry in general will not willingly surrender their ability to influence Europe. Expect more Jews in
            Germany. If it works out differently, so be it.

            14-19. So now you are going to try to convince me that Israel really is a strategic asset for the US. OK—I’ve certainly encountered that one before. Your gambit here is like your “Israel-provides-medical-care-for-Palestinians” effort. Israel dispossesses the Palestinians and establishes a state on their land and then graciously offers them table scraps and congratulates itself on its goodness. The same applies to US strategic interests.

            The Israel lobby forced Truman into recognition of Israel against the considered judgment of General Marshall and has led us further into this strategic dead end, decade by decade. Of course our alienation of much of the Muslim world cannot possibly be compensated for with the kind of strategic pittances you describe. Israel generates huge strategic problems for us and then presents itself as the solution. Oh, thank you, Israel. You’re the bestest ally ever! Israel and its nuclear arsenal generate the desire for nuclear parity; Israel attacks real or imagined nuclear facilities; and then we are supposed to be grateful, when we wouldn’t even have had the problem in the first place—or it would have been much diminished—without the emergence
            of the Jewish state. It’s ironic that Israel is guilty of all the duplicitous tactics in acquiring nuclear weapons
            that they accuse Iran of using. With Israel, the hypocrisy never ends.

            Israel is not our unsinkable aircraft carrier. Britain was a beacon of hope for Europe, and our use of that truly unsinkable aircraft carrier led to the liberation of Europe. Israel, by contrast, is a symbol of chosenist exclusivism for most of the rest of the Middle East. We can’t use it as an aircraft carrier—and we don’t. To do so would be to put ourselves in an even worse long-term position.

            The US had a naturally strong position in the Middle East. We had never imposed imperial control in the region as had the British or French. We have no subjugated Muslim populations like Russia, India and China. We have monotheistic universalism in common with the Muslim countries. And yet, on account of Israel, we are throwing away these advantages and sacrificing our strategic position—not today, but for the future as China develops its ties to the region. The Chinese should thank the Israel Lobby every day for opening the door to this critical region for them. And what is the Israel Lobby’s solution to this problem? Why of course to double down in our support to Israel, attack the rest of the region and kill them until they say “Uncle” and grovel at Israel’s feet which they will never do. When Americans finally understand what they have given up for Israel, they will weep.
            Of course, by then, it will be too late.

            20. Here’s a more appropriate Woody Allen clip
            for you:

            21. Yes, Purim is quite apposite to this discussion: like your arguments here, it is fiction without any historical basis at all, a Jewish revenge fantasy that, again, shows how much the noxious ideology of the Tanakh is still bedeviling the world. Don’t forget of all Haman’s sons! I’m sure you’ll be biting the head off a cookie for each one of them. How disgusting!

          • Fred

            Thank you for illustrating the OP’s thesis.

          • Dan Greene

            Now there’s a comment not worth the time it took to type it.

    • Andrew Allison

      Would you consider the proposition that when times get tough, the tough pick on the successful (consider infamous the 1%!)? You are correct that the surviving Jews will prosper, but that is exactly why they are a target. The followers of Mohammed are also Semites, but are unlikely become a source of envy unless/until they start following His teachings, one of which is tolerance of other beliefs. FWIW, in addition to being apolitical, I’m a formerly Anglican agnostic.

      • Dan Greene

        Jewish success has nothing to do with why they have incurred the animosity of Muslims. The Muslims sympathize with the Palestinian Arabs whom Israel is ethnically cleansing. And they can see quite plainly that world Jewry supports the dispossession of their fellow Muslim Arabs.

        >>”His teachings, one of which is tolerance of other beliefs.”

        There is nothing in any monotheistic religion that is particularly tolerant of others’ beliefs. Monotheism by its nature is intolerant: There is one God and its His way or the highway. The first and seminal act of monotheistic intolerance was Abraham’s breaking of his father’s idols. Christianity’s doctrine of Christ as an intercessor with God and the Muslim doctrine of tolerance for People of the Book provide some limited tolerance. But Jewish monotheism is distinguished by its penchant for demonizing and advocating genocidal violence against non-Jews. In short, I have no idea what tolerance you are talking about.

        If you are an agnostic, then why are you lecturing on “His teachings?”

        • Andrew Allison

          I appear to have offended you, not sure why, but I’m sorry. If you re-read my comment you might notice that it addressed two, entirely separate issues, namely that it the (largely economic) success of Jewish culture which has engendered envy in the modern world; and that the collapse of Muslim culture since its apotheosis is a function of intolerance (aka. today, Wahhabism).

          • Dan Greene

            No, you didn’t offend me. I don’t think there is anything in my response to you that suggests offendedness–although obviously I disagree with your points strongly.

            Now, Wigwag–he does offend me.

          • AaronL

            See my response to you above, I really hope I offend you too.

    • f1b0nacc1

      An outstanding analysis…as much as we may disagree on many things, I always find your comments here well worth reading.

      • wigwag

        Thank you for the kind words.

  • Analsphincter

    I am tired of constantly hearing about the poor Jews and all of their problems. There is a lot of hatred and injustice around the world that is much more severe than the Jews have to deal with. We don’t hear much about a lot of that…I wonder why….

    • Andrew Allison

      As tired as I am of hearing about the poor Blacks and their problems? We’ve been hearing much more about ISIS’s extermination efforts.

      • Analsphincter

        I am tired of hearing about the poor blacks and their problems too. I didn’t mean that the Jews are the only group that has problems that are over-hyped. I just think that their control of a lot of businesses like the media, etc. has warped the amount and the content of coverage of their problems, and also the reasons for their problems. I just don’t buy into it. I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and because of my experiences I am no fan of the Jews. If they are so hated across the world as they say, then there might be a reason for it.

        • Anthony

          Analsphincter, Anti-Semitism and Ant-Black Racism are both insidious, evil, malignant hatreds/attitudes that reflect biases utilized in some instances to assuage frustrations that in reality may have little or nothing to with the assailed people but may reveal a lingering unexamined prejudice, resentment, or inadequacy by the quick to aggrieve party. Now, your analysis that the world has hatred and injustice aplenty is on target; further, I agree with your implicit idea that any specific human harm ought not rise above any other relative to distinction. But, humans as you and I know are often most concerned with “Minimal Group Identity” (US versus THEM) and media plays to that dynamic. Consequently, media dynamics give illusion that Jews or poor blacks are solely highlighted at expense of other affected humans. Similarly, one being individually tired of perceived media focus may in reality be reflecting “availability heuristic” (when instances of one type of event come more easily to mind than those of another). With all that said, human attitudes are often motivated by both aspirations and fears – injustice, hatred, scapegoating, etc. are not zero sum and all of us are lessened by their promulgation.

          • Analsphincter

            “Anti-Semitism and Anti-Black Racism are both insidious, evil, malignant hatreds/attitudes that reflect biases utilized in some instances to assuage frustrations that in reality may have little or nothing to do with the assailed people but may reveal a lingering unexamined prejudice, resentment, or inadequacy by the quick to aggrieve party.”

            ‘In some instances’, and ‘may’ are true, but there are other reasons for much of the hatred and injustices of the Jews and blacks that are brought on by the actions of Jews and blacks.

            I am not interested in explaining things away with Liberal/Progressive psychology or Peacenic thoughts or attitudes.
            I operate in a state of mind based on the world the way it is, not on a world the way it should be.

            But whatever my thoughts are, I always like hearing others thoughts and welcome all of them.

          • Anthony

            The real world is the one to operate in; and my response was not intended to exculpate ( and definitely not intended to explain away or rationalize reality) just to add context to what I considered a sweeping generalization (though no malice intended as we agree on importance of real world recognition – any other interpretations are extrapolated).

    • Corlyss

      Jews are the Western canaries in the coal mine. When they have a hard time with the societies in their adopted homelands, it signals a lot of instability that eventually bites everyone else. This most recent round has been fomented now for 45 years by Petroarabs – you have only to read Bat Ye’or’s book Eurabia to see how they did it.

      “We don’t hear much about a lot of that…I wonder why….”

      You must not listen to PRI’s World, the BBC, or NPR’s flagship programs. That ALL you get, unless they take a break to do a feature on a guy who plays the spoons.

  • Andrew Allison

    Ne oubliez pas de Dreyfus

    • Dan Greene


      In French, the negative preceding a verb beginning with a vowel is rendered n’. Also, there is no partitive in connection with a person, and oublier takes no preposition. So it’s “N’oubliez pas Dreyfus.” But what does that have to do with anything? You might as well say, Don’t forget Jericho where every man, woman, and child was put to the sword by the genocidal Israelites.

      • Andrew Allison

        Thank you for correcting my inadequate French. My reference to Dreyfus, as the subsequent phrase would have made clear to a native English-speaker [returning the favor /grin], was the long history of anti-Semitism in “La Belle France”.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Pretty much. There are always the Dan Greenes, Willis Cartos and David Dukes.

  • Dan Greene

    Also, the notion that anti-Jewish sentiment is “the oldest hatred” is completely absurd. Hatred has been with us since humans or even proto-humans existed–long before there were Jews. Was there not hatred as Homo Sapiens Sapiens replaced Neanderthal tens of thousands of years before the pyramids were built?

    This “oldest hatred” meme is merely self-obsession of the most pathetic sort.

    • Andrew Allison

      “Otherness” is the oldest hatred, but Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals frequently had intimate relations. Maybe that’s the source of the savagery.

      • Dan Greene

        I don’t disagree.

  • FriendlyGoat

    If Jews leave Europe, where are they going? Israel is a small place.

    • Andrew Allison

      Please try and keep that knee under control:

      • FriendlyGoat

        That’s not an answer, Andrew.

        • Andrew Allison

          I didn’t think I needed to explain the meaning of Israel’s population density. There’s lots of room in Israel.

    • Corlyss

      I wish they would come here. Give up on that foolish dream of “having their own homeland.” America is where they ought to be! They should belong to a society that can make use of their talents and they don’t have to keep looking over their shoulders for the next pogrom.

      • f1b0nacc1

        As an American Jew, I am grateful for your welcome, but let me point out that many/most German Jews felt quite safe in their homeland prior to the rise of the Nazis. the sad fact of the matter is that what drives many Jews to Israel is the belief that at least there they are not dependent upon the goodwill of their hosts…

        • Fred

          And America is a threat, not to Jews, but to Jewishness in another way. Precisely because we are so welcoming, Jews are being absorbed into the rest of the population. I myself was engaged at one time to a woman whose father was Jewish and whose mother was not. She was raised Catholic by her mother. It didn’t work out, but if it had and we had had children, they would have been told of their Jewish heritage and taught to be proud of it, but they would not have been raised Jewish. Still, if you have to have a problem, that is a better one to have than pogroms or being an island of civilization in a sea of bloodthirsty savages bent on destroying you.

      • FriendlyGoat

        I have sometimes opined in half-seriousness that I wish Israel (8000+ sq mi) was in a contiguous 3% of the land area of Texas (or anyplace in the USA) instead of where it is. It really would be nice to welcome good folks here and invite them to have a separate identity inside a place easier for us and them to defend.

  • Ellen

    One small point to add to this excellent piece. Anti-Semitism is not increasing in “the world”. It is increasing in precisely two parts of the “the world.” Those two parts are both declining civilizations that are full of themselves and their great glories of the past. Those are the Europeans and the Arabs/Muslims. India and China have become very philo-Semitic, in recent years, as their ties with Israel have increased. They were never anti-Semitic at all in the past, merely indifferent to the subject. The Chinese ambassador to Israel wrote a nice piece in the JPost last year explaining that China was very proud of the fact that in all of its long and illustrious history, there was no record ever of anti-Semitism. Compare that to Europe or the Arab world.

    If one wants to talk about “the world”, as lazy journalists often tend to do, then China and India represent more of “the world” than Europe and the Arab territories do. In this century, unlike the last, THEIR voices will be the decisive ones. That is why, plus America’s support, Israel is safe and will continue to flourish, long after Obama and his ilk are gone and forgotten.

    • Dan Greene

      Anti-Jewish sentiment is increasing wherever the interests of the people(s) are in conflict with Israel and its global lobby. This means principally in the Arab world and adjoining parts of global Islam. Why would one expect that the Palestinians and those closest to them would accept their dispossession by Eastern European Jews. It’s typical that an act of Jewish aggression is defined by many Jews as somebody else’s aggression.

      Secondarily, anti-Jewish sentiment is rising among those beyond the areas above who see no reason to provided support to Israel and are then condemned by organized Jewry for pursuing their own interests instead of Jewish ones. This is true of non-Muslims in Europe and, to al less extent, in the Americas and the Anglosphere. The power of the Israel Lobby in the US and its media dominance has resulted in the inability of many Americans to realize the extent to which their interests are being compromised. But they–or their children–will be made aware of it at some point. Reality has a way of eventually crushing fantasy.

      And speaking of fantasy, you are quite obsessed with your notion of Chinese and Indian “philo-semitism.” That’s the thinking of a Luftmensch. Both India and China have interests that they are pursuing and Israel may figure into both. But, unlike the US, neither is fertile ground for an Israel Lobby that can distort their policies on behalf of Israeli interests. China especially will ultimately disappoint the “philosemitism” fantasists, because there is no real long-term concurrence between Chinese and Israeli geopolitical interests, if and when China becomes a full spectrum peer of the US.

      But continue to dream, Ellen. It’s probably the only way you can satisfy your psychological needs.

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