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Xi’s Purge Getting Close To Jiang
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  • Anthony
  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “The danger is that the corruption could undermine the party’s legitimacy while also ultimately destroying its ability to provide the technocratic governance and guidance that has helped China prosper.”

    First, only Democracy can confer legitimacy, and Second the party hasn’t provided technocratic governance and guidance, as the article states corruption is pervasive and wide spread. The fact is that China was bootstrapped out of abject poverty caused by Communist Party incompetence and corruption, by foreign investors building state of the art factories to take advantage of cheap Chinese labor. But this is at an end, as the foreign investors are leaving or already gone, and the Communist Party remains unchanged as incompetent and corrupt. Nothing Xi does is going to change the Communist Party, and what’s more Xi doesn’t care, he is using corruption as an excuse to purge anyone that doesn’t support him and consolidate power into his hands because he is a power mad megalomaniac.

    • MLJ

      There are different types of legitimacy per Weber. One can have legitimacy through brute force rather than democratic charismatic appeal…. It works for the Norks with their nukes.

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