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Nigeria Requests US Troops to Fight Boko Haram
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  • johngbarker

    I believe the fitting word is tragedy.

  • JR

    After the end of Cold War, there was this moment in time when everyone in the West believed that war is over if you want it. Alas, Lennon was wrong. Evolution has always been a truck on the bodies of the fallen comrades, neck deep in blood.

  • Fat_Man

    What? Nigera is suffering random attacks by violent fanatics who are not Muslims. They are not Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace and those violent fanatics can’t be following Islam.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Yes, indeed, George W. Bush was first to tell us after 9/11 that Islam is a religion of peace. We get your dig, but everyone should be reminded that neither the rightists nor the leftists have the script correct.

  • Arkeygeezer

    “The ugly truth of this fight—something we didn’t ask for but something we cannot avoid—is that it isn’t going away. We can’t wish it away, apologize it away, appease it away, charm it away, or even drone it away. ….”

    Very true, but we can defend against it. The first thing we have to do is face the fact that this is a religious reaction to a modern society. It is centered in the middle east and based on the teachings of Islam. We need to identify the enemy and defend against it. We cannot stick our heads in the sands of political correctness, profiling, and false tolerance. The enemy are ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS.

  • Pete

    Much of the whole world wants, and even expects, the the U.S. to fight for them.

  • iconoclast

    If the USA could only identify the unifying characteristic in ISIS, Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Jemaah Islamiah, Taliban, etc., etc. It is a knotty problem that seems beyond President Selfie-stick and his administration.

    Better call Sisi, Netanyahu or King Abdullah II

    • FriendlyGoat

      You were too busy thinking about your second sentence and third sentence to answer your first. It’s Islam and both Sisi and Abdullah are up to their ears in it.

    • bannedforselfcensorship

      I can understand the idea that calling Islam out at first get go was a bad idea.

      But now we are at the stage where we need some movement from Islam.

      And they don’t want to move. Understandable in a religion that is literal.

      Instead, a lot of them want to jump on the Islamaphobia line…but that is too old now.

      • iconoclast

        No one cares if some people want to follow a dark ages nilhistic cult as long as they leave civilized people alone. Islamists/radical Islam keeps attacking us. It is long past time to Dresden/Berlin/Nagasaki them. They are primitives who cannot creat anything but the crudest of weapons. The only reason we struggle to destroy them is because we don’t let ourselves do it. And one only needs to look at the so-called leader of the USA–head of a country he does not love–to understand why. Obama and his leftist comrades don’t believe the West deserves to win this war.

  • FriendlyGoat

    TAI is at liberty to get the new GOP Congress to declare an open-ended war.

  • rheddles

    Wake me when they start playing St. Gertrude in churches again.

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