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Bankrupt Health Care
Federal “Cost Control” Helped Create Our Hospital Crisis
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Perhaps the biggest key to reducing health care cost is unrelenting publicity of the eye-popping prices. The retail prices, AND the secret prices agreed between providers and networks/insurers. The drug prices. The surgery prices. The hospital “charge master” prices for an aspirin or a saline IV bag. ALL of the prices 24/7/365——–and perhaps even compared not only to each other but also compared to the prices for the same things in other countries.

    But before the conservatives and libertarians imagine that a “free market” will accomplish this, consider that we’ve been waiting DECADES for this to happen with almost NO progress. We have had a “free market” in the seventies, and eighties and nineties, and the first decade of this century—-all with the secrecy culture firmly entrenched

    Here’s the deal. Only the demands from a very, very, very liberal government will ever get the prices into really clear citizen-level view. No one else can marshal the authority to force disclosures of this “proprietary trade secret” information—–and you can bet that everyone in the medical businesses will be telling you all the reasons it can’t be done FOREVER AND EVER. Too hard. Impractical. Too costly. Too “bureaucratic”. Unconstitutional. Against the principles of “freedom”. Violates “privacy”.
    You name it, they’ll throw it at you (us).

    We’ll double-pay in America until we get it done

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