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Nanny State Madness
Marylanders Investigated for “Free Range Parenting”
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  • Anthony

    The psychology of fear! Excessive behavior no doubt and in some ways the effort to protect children against violence (or happenstance) has begun to overshoot commonsense (now, I am not prematurely intimating that children be inappropriately “cared for”).

    • Corlyss

      The media bears some responsibility for the overprotectiveness, not because they report stories illustrating stranger-danger but because that is one of THE most overused story lines in the myriad of cop/CSI/forensics shows. Hardly a day passes that one can’t find that graybeard in a current TV show. This in spite of the fact that the last 40 years of stats show stranger kidnapping/abuse is negligible in the overall list of child abuse. Overwhelmingly kids and parents need to be alert to the potential in their own families and acquaintances, not in the world at large.

      Great interview on the topic with the author of the Atlantic article that should have made an impression on the police as well as the CPS drones, who do their jobs either badly or not at all.

      • Anthony

        Agreed and thanks.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Parents who are abusing children or approving their abuse by others need public supervision. A parent allowing two children to walk home from a park together is NOT abuse. This case is going to result in most people saying that government should mind its own business more—-unless there is some abuse to investigate.

    In this case, we are blaming CPS when we should be blaming police for calling CPS into the matter. My guess is that a smart-aleck cop is trying to get even for citizens telling him to “chill” over their decision to let their kids walk on streets.

  • Corlyss

    Guess they either missed the Atlantic article from last spring or they decided it was too subversive to entertain. Pathetic.

  • ljgude

    As someone who wandered alone and in company all over creation at those ages, sometimes armed with a revolver or rifle, I am bemused by such goings on. But I know, I know, this is what the world has become.

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