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Putin and Pegida
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  • Lyle7

    PEGIDA is interesting because they’re expressly anti-Islamist. What is strange is that German elites think this is racism or Nazi ideology. And Merkel this week walked hand-in-hand with the Islamist Turkish prime minister whose Islamist government obliquely supports the Islamic State.

  • Herzog

    The German (and European) elites could easily live with pro-Putin rallies. What they can’t live with is a population voicing, however clumsily and gropingly on occasion, its fundamental rejection of the ongoing Islamic domination and colonization project because that goes against the grain of the elites’ anti-nationalist and self-flagellationist project.

    Having said this, I too am irritated by the Putin sympathies that quite a few of the PEGIDA folks and like-minded, essentially decent people apparently hold. In my tentative analysis, it may be genuine old-school nationalist sentiments that inspire about one third of that sub-crowd (like: Germans and Russians going together, while simply forgetting about Poles, the Baltic peoples etc.) with PEGIDA and its sympathisers; all this is hardly mean-spirited in the manner of the older imperalistic arrogance of the the first half of the 20th century, and rather more due ignorance and an oversight of the smaller actors / peoples. The pro-Putin sentiment of the other two-thirds of that sub-crowd within the broader German anti-Islamic movement (which, remember, also has many members, such as me, who abhor Putin) to me seems more like an expression of their reflexive resentment of the EU, which runs very deep, and of certain aspects of the US one the one hand, of certain US policies on the other. That in turn and in itself is a complex and convoluted issue, where, admittedly, a lot of uninformation and silliness on the part of PEGIDA and its sympathisers, who are my political side, come into play.

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