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Beyond Neoliberalism
Argentina’s Tampon Shortage
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    In a free market there is no such thing as a shortage, only when the stupid leftists get involved are people trapped on the toilet with no toilet paper.

  • Curious Mayhem

    The whole article (which is short) is worth reading, as it illustrates in miniature the absurdity of Argentina’s “populist” economics — you know, the kind that’s always being done “for the people” by some collection of bozo witch doctors, often with doctorates:

    After import controls and capital controls and currency controls and whatever controls, Argentina remains a deadbeat, unable to pay its debts and lacking the dollars and other foreign currencies to conduct trade. As the article makes clear, the tampon shortage is just the most embarrassing result. Many other personal and medical items are in short supply as well. It remains a mystery to me how foreign companies do business there.

    BTW, no such shortages occur in the neighbors, like Uruguay or Chile. Retailers in Argentina are planning to import items from Brazil, which is no free-market paradise, to be sure, but isn’t messed up in the way that Argentina is.

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