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Good Government
Neither Red Nor Blue, But Something New
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  • Boritz

    The NYT is transitioning from psychotic (I believe 2+2=5) to neurotic (I know 2+2=4, but I can’t stand it).

    • Andrew Allison

      Based upon your criteria, it seems to me it’s going the other way, namely from hating facts to confusing between belief with fact. Either way, it’s predictably prejudiced.

  • rheddles

    The radical redsters, on the other hand, simply want to cut, cut, cut, slashing and burning without much thought about the vital functions that—often crudely and poorly—some of the old systems perform.

    It only seems that way because there is so much to cut. And sometimes the shooters do go wild in a target rich environment.

  • stanbrown

    Your caricature of red policy is beneath you.

  • louis_wheeler

    What about the services which the Blue States offer; when the Blue cities and states are bankrupt, as most already are, what will happen to them? If those services are truly necessary, then someone will find a means, other than government, to fund them.

    Opera is nice, but why should a person in Queens, who likes rap music, pay for it? Most of the Blue State services are designed to buy the votes of specific groups, while making people who are uninterested, pay the bills.

    The reason that services increased in the Blue States was the Progressive Movement. They forced upon us the Public Schools, along with the regulatory state, to change us morally. In part, this was to provide their friends with cushy jobs, but mostly, every cause they fostered was an attempt to control us.

    It helped that the Progressives built the welfare/ warfare state in the most prosperous locations of the country. But, since then, jobs and people have fled the high taxes and regulations to which Progressive policies lead. Many Progressive institutions, such as the Public Schools, could be abandoned for cheaper methods of instruction, such as home or internet schooling. Most of the Progressive’s agenda could just evaporate.

  • Ulysses4033

    The key notion that WRM has been basing his analysis on since his Liberalism 5.0 post has been the accelerating political/economic/social change that the globe has been experiencing since the end of the Cold War/rise of the Information Age. And, if Kurzweil is right and the rate of change is changing exponentially, things will only get even more chaotic in the years ahead. The challenge for the thoughtful American citizen is to rediscover fundamental principles for freedom, growth, and order based on those that founded the nation in the late 18th century.

    This is an extremely difficult challenge, if only because none of us has ever lived through such a time. History is a guide only to a certain point. Most of us, as beautifully reflected in our politics, are so clueless that clinging to our prejudices is more calming than finding a basis upon which to experiment boldly with those with whom we currently disagree.

    Unfortunately but not surprisingly, Mr. Obama exhibits the opposite of the traits we need in our national leadership. MSM clerisy mouthpieces like the NYT rarely bestir themselves to use their somnolent brain cells. OTOH, the Republicans, despite their leadership talent across the country, has yet to articulate the necessary rallying cry to get us where best we should be going.

    Time will tell–obviously–whether we will figure all this out as WRM seems to believe. In the meantime, the experimentation he carefully pays attention to is probably the best we can do. This requires a disciplined capacity to ignore the endless stupidity and vapidity that are a sign of our fears and concentrate on those nuggets that may be suggesting a better way.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Arguing that the Red Model just wants to cut cut cut, without any regard for the necessary functions of government without actually defining the necessary functions of government is shoddy and shallow thinking. Recognizing that the Government Monopoly can never do anything as well as the free market is a first step in defining just what are the necessary functions of government. So, everything that the free market can do it should do, limiting the government to only those tasks which only a government can do. To be specific Defense, Justice, and Foreign relations are the only tasks for which a single central authority are required. All other tasks are much better handled by the continuously improving free market, rather than the always stagnate and decaying Government Monopoly. So while the Blue Model leftist is set on an ever larger government that will force everyone to conform to some leftist ideal of society, including what to eat, drink, how they will be educated with a leftist definition of truth, how they will get medical care, what they can drive or own, etc… The Red Model conservative seeks to limit the Government Monopoly allowing the maximum of Freedom to people to seek out their own happiness, free of the suppression and subjugation of the Leftist Big Government Monopoly.

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