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Too Much Medicine
More Health Care Isn’t Always Better Health Care
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  • John B Gorentz

    Part of the problem is that doctors and surgeons don’t take the time (or have the inclination) to discuss side-effects with patients. I’ve found myself asking, “If I had known of the side-effects, would I have done this?” And I’ve known other people in the same situation. I’ve already been burned, repeatedly, so now I tend to ask and study more before letting them do anything to me. Still, it’s easy not to know about these things. If we as consumers had to pay for these procedures more directly, then we’d be motivated to learn more ahead of time, and maybe there would be those who would respond to market demand by providing this information. There are a number of ways it could happen, but one thing you can count on: The left is terrified of any method that would involve greater consumer choice. It responds to choice mechanisms as a vampire responds to a crucifix. And the governing class of leftwing media/academics/govtworkers/celebrities pretty much has its way.

  • Corlyss

    Actually, more health care isn’t even more health care. But since appearances mean more than facts, Doofus and clan will go on repeating that they have increased the number who have health care.

  • Boritz

    “Patients need better data… ”

    With the party of choice curtailing treatment options with each passing year and the Republicans afraid to repeal it this is destined to be a non-issue. What you know about your condition and the treatments that are available to the political class (but not to you) will matter less in the future.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The last sentence says a lot. As a liberal, I certainly believe in having health care available to people who need it, no matter their place in the economic distribution. I also personally believe in staying completely away from doctors and hospitals as much as possible.

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