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China's Purge Surge
Mao the Second
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  • Anthony

    “There continues to be a great deal of patronage, nepotism, factionalism, political influence, and outright corruption pervading the Chinese political system. Minxin Pei argues that China’s gradual political transition has resulted in a system of decentralized predation, in which locally empowered officials throughout an enormous government system take advantage of the opportunities provided by their political control to extract a host of rents and bribes. Higher levels of the party understand that pervasive corruption is strongly resented by ordinary people…”(Francis Fukuyama). Xi representing highest level may not be resembling Mao as much as taking long-term view of party’s legitimacy and continued dominance lies in controlling itself.

    • Kevin

      Perhaps. But I thought the view (as it is imperfectly understood) of the Chinese population was that Xi’s maneuvers were seen as being hypocritical power plays and not really moves to reduce corruption.

      • Anthony

        We can all have are interpretations from… You may have insight.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Authoritarian countries trade economic growth for an illusive stability. People hate change, and the competition in a free market forces continuous change, so in many cultures where Democracy has never gained wide support, authoritarian stability seems like the best choice.

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