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Turns Out ISIS is Bad at Governing
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    It’s foolish to ignore Iran when talking of Jihadists, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and even Turkey should be thrown in as Islamist states whose competence at governing is much better than ISIS. The problem for ISIS, as I have mentioned before, is enemies sitting on all its supply lines, and the need to pay smuggler prices for military arms and ammo. There is already squabbling over scarce supplies and medieval punishments for hording and theft, as well as increasing rates of desertion as the rats leave the sinking ship. It is often said that an army marches on its belly, this means that Logistics is the most important military discipline not tactics.
    America shouldn’t be supporting any side there, letting the Sunni Jihadists focus all their resources on killing the Shiite Jihadists and vice-a-versa is our best strategy now.

  • Silverfiddle

    Beheadings, child rapes, selling people into slavery… Who knew those weren’t the cornerstones to an effective government?

    • Dan

      says YOU!

      (in case this is necessary /sarc)

  • Corlyss

    People tend to do what they know when they get into positions of power. In countries like African nations, Muslim nations, Asian nations, they don’t have any good models to follow. I do wonder, however, where ISIS got the degree of bloodthirstiness they exhibit. I know Oriental Potentates had been mass murderers for millennia, but it always seemed to be an means to an end, not the end itself.

    • Fred

      Perhaps it’s because they’ve combined that ancient means with the modern philosophical nihilism introduced by Nietzsche in the nineteenth century. As Richard Weaver pointed out, and too many here deny, ideas have consequences.

    • FriendlyGoat

      1) They got it from twisted Islamic clerics, unfortunately aided by a bunch of mumbo-jumbo recitations as the formal scriptures of Islam which do not provide enough moral clarity for anyone who is untwisted to religiously talk down those who are twisted. If you spend some time with an English translation of the Quran, this becomes abundantly clear.

      2) They got it from their relatively-recent discovery (last 20 years or so) that you really CAN take impressionable young people from impoverished circumstances, promise them reward in the afterlife, and get them to do any level of violence with suicide. This is why ISIL is increasingly reported to be recruiting children who are quite young.

      3) They got it recently, it appears, from licensing their young male recruits to see sexual mayhem over ISIL’s enemies as one of the “benefits” of being a Jihadi.

  • FriendlyGoat

    I do not believe there will be a 4.0 which is any different from the 3.0—–certainly not any better at social service than the 3.0.
    The reason is that what we’re calling 3.0 here is already attracting permanent enemies and it will be doing nothing in the future but defending itself. If any worse version is coming along, it will have the same problem.

    The only real hope for Islamic-dominated places is whatever capacity any of them can marshal to dump Islam from public life.

    • Silverfiddle

      But Islam has proved to be a potent force in people’s lives.

      Look at Turkey. Attaturk’s government knocked the fez’s off men’s heads and ripped the burkha from womens’s faces and enforced secularism. Now, almost 100 years later, Islam is reasserting itself, and it’s not just the government; the people appear to not be protesting the re-islamization of their government ans society.

      • FriendlyGoat

        I never claimed that the influence of Islam makes people wise about their governmental choices.

        • Silverfiddle

          We agree

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