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Europe's Slow-Motion Crisis
Eurocrats Swoop In to Avert Greek Political Crisis
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  • Corlyss

    How long, O Lord, will the EU continue to promote and protect profligacy?

  • Andrew Allison

    This is incredible. Moscovici praised the Greek authorities who have failed to implement the promised reforms, and promised “much lighter surveillance”, i.e., continuing to look the other way in the future.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “Rather, the question is whether political support for staying in the euro will collapse as year after year of high unemployment and slow or negative growth eats at the Club Med countries.”

    Why can no one acknowledge that the world is 6 years into a destructive deflationary Great Depression 2.0? They can certainly recognize the symptoms as WRM does here, as well as their long term nature. Remember Great Depression 1.0 lead directly to WWII 10 years later, and there’s a good chance Great Depression 2.0 will lead to something similar.

    “That the people who made these decisions have never really paid a political price for these follies, and that in some cases they are still ensconced in prominent government positions, is the most obvious sign that the EU suffers from a deep democratic deficit.”

    Here WRM recognizes that the EU and the Euro are bad policies imposed on the Europeans by an elitist political class only concerned with getting more power.

    “And as Europe writhes in its agony, vulture and hyena parties—extremists from left and right—are edging out of the shadows as they wait for the crisis to deepen.”

    And here WRM complains about the public’s reaction to the Sh_t sandwich their political masters are making them eat. Confused Much? Change is necessary, and these aren’t vulture and hyena parties, they are swiftly growing groups that demand that change.

  • Curious Mayhem

    No: the EU banking and financial crises are not over. A new chapter is about to start.

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