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A Lot of Hot Air
Lima Salvages Last-Minute, Watered-Down Climate Deal
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  • Andrew Allison

    So the Lima boondoggle was as unproductive as it predecessors. Quelle surprise!
    But of course the 1000-or-so attendees at these non-events care more about their all-expenses-paid trips to exotic locales at taxpayer expense than actually achieving anything.

    • Fat_Man

      Next Year Paris! Woo Hoo. We were in Paris in early October. It was a lot of fun. What a terrific town to be in on an expense account. Next year the Ritz will be re-opened.

      • Andrew Allison

        The conference was, no-doubt, scheduled for after the re-opening.

        • Fat_Man

          No doubt. Having an expense account is very important in Paris as everything is mondo expensive.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    Meanwhile the west, enthusiastically joined by Obama, continues to sacrifice its industrial leadership on the altar of the climate gods. What this worthless meeting, and others like it, mean is that the non-west will continue to build coal-fired power plants as fast as they like, and therefore whatever sacrifices we make, and whatever costs we bear, will mean nothing. Even if you believe the warmist hysteria, which I do not, it makes no sense.

    And we need to pay them reparations too.

    Has there ever been, anywhere in history, an example where a civilization has self-destructed like this?

    • rheddles

      You should visit Chaco Canyon.

  • stanbrown

    All eyes are not turning to the next chapter of this ongoing joke. Only the fools and knaves are looking. Serious people, interested in reality, haven’t the time or interest to live in a looking glass world where one must believe 6 impossible things before breakfast.

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