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ACA Agonistes
A Misleading Case for Obamacare
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  • MartyH

    Other than the individual market, the hardest parts of the ACA have not been implemented or taken effect yet.
    -The penalty for non-insurance has not been collected
    -The employer mandate fines have been delayed
    -The risk corridors are in place, distorting the true costs of plans
    -The second year automatic re-enrollment effects have not taken place
    -The Cadillac tax is not implemented

    Despite all of this, estimates for the number that will be insured by the ACA this year have dropped by close to four million, and as the article states, the percentage of people putting off medical procedures is the highest since the question this has been asked.

    It isn’t that the ACA is working well-in, fact, it’s working so poorly that the Administration has stopped implementing it. It’s like driving a stick and feeling the gears grind-if you keep trying to force the shift lever in, you’re going to blow up your gearbox. The Administration heard and felt the gears grinding and have thankfully backed off.

    • lord acton

      Just so. Thank you.

  • Boritz

    “Obamacare has not been the total horror many conservatives predicted…”

    Use of the simple past, present perfect, or past perfect tenses to make a sweeping pronouncement about Obamacare when it hasn’t even been implemented as written remains, for the present, a false construct. &nbspThose conservative’s predictions remain predictions and can’t be commented on truthfully in this manner. &nbspWhile taking down Chait’s lies is a useful exercise don’t fall for your own variations on them.

    • Pete

      Right. Let’s see what happens when ObamaCare is fully implemented. Hopefully when it is, that will be the impetus to repeal the law. After all, Schumer and other Democrats are distancing themselves from ObamaCare and many who voted for it are now out of office.

  • Andrew Allison

    Kaiser is comparing year-over-year ACA insurance plan premiums. This does not take into account the very significant increases seen by those who had their previous insurance cancelled. Other than that, a good summary of mis- and dis-information being spread about the “success” of ACA.

  • Pait

    It seems that Obamacare is working according to the predictions. Its is a compromise and hardly perfect, however those that predicted disaster still have the choice of cutting their losses and admitting their were wrong.

    Or one can keep insisting that a disaster will happen anytime now. The credibility is yours, do what you want with it.

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