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Of Peers and Pensions
Rhode Island’s Pension Roundabout
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  • Suzyqpie

    The majority of under funded pensions and the gallimaufry of states debt is due to the fact that when Democrats are at the table negotiating with unions, no one is representing the taxpayers. The Democrats are trolling for campaign donations and the union are fleecing the state treasuries.

  • Anthony

    A self interested coalition of public sector unions and municipal legislators have certainly facilitated “pension crisis”. But as said before, none of this magically appeared. At one level, clientelism and its legacy has brought us here. And aforementioned jury will probably reflect such natural modes of sociability (so implied in piece is question: will we get broad concepts of justice or the general good rather than decision for a specific class from jurors).

  • Pete

    “The cuts invariably hurt people who worked hard for the public good and were misled about the safety of their pensions by union and state leaders. ”

    Worked hard? Please. In the public sector, the people there, with rare exceptions, don’t work hard. Rather, they hardly work.

  • FriendlyGoat

    A jury assembled 40 years ago from private sector workers, many of whom were participating in defined-benefit plans, is not the same as a jury of today’s private-sector people who not only have had any such hopes for themselves completely stripped away. but who also have been marinated in the insane cultural spin that we CAN afford tax cuts for the owners of Fox News—–but NOT pensions for workers.

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