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Game of Thrones
Modi Looks East
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  • Anthony

    Geopolitics. The Bay of Bengal historically has had Indian migration via maritime Southeast Asia and its common thread predates the British Raj. Surely, Narenda Modi knows this historical cultural and political nexus.

  • Dhako


    Although, your unfailing enthusiasm for Modi to play a counter-balance force to China, is very well understandable. And, it’s particularly understandable since China playing a blinder of a “diplomatic game” with their financial diplomatic assistance and bilateral trading arrangement with the bulk of Asia’s states, while US is seemingly looking on with nothing to do other than indulge petty-games stopping others developing a warming relationship towards China, as they did with their heavy suggestion to Indonesia not to get into bed with China’s AIIB infrastructure bank. As well as indulge a bit of scaremongering against China in the sense of talking up what threat China is to others in the region, so that, the Military trump-card of the Americans can be used to contain China, since economically the game-of-throne against China by US, is over, since ever nation in that region will beat a path to China, when it comes to having an economical win-win arrangement with her.

    Furthermore, given the fact, that US’s republican-dominated Congress have effectively stopped Obama’s administration to compete against the Chinese when it comes to winning others over with financial support, it seems creating alliance against China (or talking up this alliance) is the only root open to the geopolitical theoretician of Washington, like you, particularly when it comes to countering the economical statecraft of China in her region against what Washington could cobbled together with others. This is what is motivating you, Walter, and, it would be so churlish for others to hold it against you; even, if it’s so transparent to read, particularly your new found love and enthusiasm for the likes of Modi of India.

    However, be that as it may, I hate to say it, Walter, but, Mr Modi in particularly and India in general are rather late into this game of winning others to their side, particularly where Burma and Bangladesh are concern. And, in fact, both of these states, have been in the Chinese sphere of influence for at least last decade. Hence, Modi may try to get in on this game, but, others have more resources and much more determination to win these two particular states to their side of the sphere of the influence in this region. So, in that sense, Modi will of course try to talk about the historical reality of these two states have had with India, but, if there is something we learned from America-led modernity, is that Money talks and everything else takes a walk for the door. So in that sense, Narendra Modi has his game well and thoroughly out-perform by the Chinese game within these two states.

  • StrategyKing

    This article is great, but as usual skips over much in the history of the region. Much that is inconvenient to mention perhaps. Since the Raj in Bengal was mentioned, lets give everyone a reminder that British rule began with a famine in Bengal(when the British East India Company forced the ruler to give them the right to collect taxes which they proceeded to do with extraordinary avarice) in which rather a few died, and ended with another famine (that would be Churchill’s famine) in which millions died too. Bengal when the British came was wealthy, it was the part of India they were in the longest and when they left it was the poorest part of India. And no, the British did not found Calcutta. No history of Bengal can be complete without this knowledge of the colonial legacy. Since Independence India has been getting back on its feet, and yes this is all part of that. Kudos on at at least assessing that well.

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