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Boots On Too Much Ground
Has Hezbollah Overstretched Itself?
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  • FriendlyGoat

    This is what happens when one terrorist organization perceives itself at risk of being over-run by a wilder one.

  • Jojo Jobxyzone

    when push comes to shove (e.g. vs Hizballah) the American trained Lebanese army will be just as effective as the American trained Iraqi army had been vs Da’ash

  • Ellen

    Jojo is precisely correct. The LAF is a collection of sectarian conscripts who don’t like each other and have no collective vision of Lebanan at all. This is a typical problem in every Arab country. So, while Hezbollah has indeed overstretched itself and is on its way down, the LAF will collapse at some point in the near future when Nusra and ISIS (one or both) launch a concerted attack against Hezbollah position, with the help of local Sunnis and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The Sunni conscripts in the LAF will face the same choice as in Syria, where they were serving the narrow sectarian goals of the Alawite elite, and will make the same choice. They will revolt against the Shiite and Christian leadership of the LAF and join the Nusra rebels in demolishing what remains of the Lebanese state. Syria will finally arrive in Lebanon in all of its aspects.

  • Mark Thomason

    Overstretch is certainly an issue for any long military commitment. That also has been true for the US fighing two wars while remaining “ready” for more.

    However, just as with the US commitments, Hezbollah is gaining combat experience, transformative levels of combat experience. It is becoming something new and far more dangerous to attack in Lebanon.

  • virgile

    Don’t underestimate Hezbollah adaptability.. it has survived deadly attacks from Israel and is stronger than ever. The LAF is like the Saudi Arabia, plenty of expensive US weapons but divided by sectarian, political and tribal affiliations. The only strong, experienced and cohesive Arab army is without any doubts the Syrian army. Hezbollah and the Syrian army are the only military power in the region that can eliminate ISiS and its affiliates.

  • Gbrandstetter

    Hizzbullah has posited itslef as lebanon’s protector from Jewish agression. Now its over-stretched, easier to attack. So where is the jewish agression? Where are the incessant attacks on Lebanon? There are none. Live and let live, the Jews will not initiate hostilities just because they feel like it. which means Hizzbullah does not protect Lebanon from the Jews. It uses Lebanon to attack the jews, and others. If the the LAF had any integrity, if lebanon was a real country, it would use this opportunity to cleanse every last Hizzbullah rocket from Lebanon. But no. The anti-Jewish rhetorric soars to new heights, alomng with the conceit.

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